Academic Announcements

Update- 1/22/20
The semester ends this Friday. Students in year long classes will continue those courses.  Schedule changes cannot be honored for year long classes. Those in first  semester classes will finish those classes on January 24 and second semester classes will begin on January 27.  Please be aware that the course grade for semester classes is final and failures in those classes will result in no credit for the course and will need to be remediated in summer school.  Seniors who fail a semester course will not be able to graduate.   
Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences will be held on Thursday, February 13, from 5-8 PM and Friday, February 14, will be an M Schedule with a 1:35 PM dismissal for students.  The parent/guardian of any student who failed a course at the semester must schedule a conference with the teacher of that class.  All other parents and students who wish to meet with a teacher are encouraged to do so as well.
Medical Careers Program:
A representative from the Medical Careers Program through the Delaware County Career and Technical School will be here on February 5 at 9:45 AM to speak with any students interested in applying for the medical career program their senior year.  Students interested in medical fields should consider attending the program.  Please contact the Office for Academic Affairs if you are interested in attending the information session.