Academic Announcements

AP Exams are being administered from May 3-17.  The schedule of exams was published by College Board in the spring, is on the school calendar and has been shared with the students.  Students should look for an email from College Board regarding their Terms and Conditions.  These should be reviewed prior to the exam dates.  All AP exams are in person and will follow the established COVID precautions.  All students currently enrolled in an AP course must take the AP exam as a requirement of that course.
Academics: We have one remaining quarter and the final exams in each class that will contribute to the final averages for the courses.  Please be sure to stay on top of your work throughout the quarter as this marking period tends to fly by!  Progress reports will be sent via School Messenger no later than May 17.
Final Exams: Final exams account for 10% of the final course grade.  Students must take their exams on the assigned day according to their learning status (hybrid in person, hybrid virtual, full virtual).  If a student is supposed to be hybrid in person and does not attend school that day, the student will be marked absent and cannot take their exam.  Only students with a doctor's note will be permitted to make-up their exams and must do so on the scheduled make-up exam day, which may result in multiple exams in one day.
Course Failures: Students who failed two or more subjects are ineligible to participate in sports and activities for the following quarter.  Please work with your teachers and guidance counselor to develop a plan of attack to be successful.  Keep in mind that anyone who fails more than two courses for the year may not return to Cardinal O'Hara High School.  Those who fail one or two courses for the year must remediate those classes in summer school in order to return in the fall.  Any senior who fails a class for the year will not be able to graduate.  Working with your teachers now can prevent this possibility.
Tutoring: If you are interested in a peer tutor through the NHS, please sign up through this link.  The teachers are still the best resources for the classes as they know the material and their expectations.  Sometimes just one session with a teacher outside of the class is enough to clear up a misunderstanding and make the content comprehensible.  Students should consider setting up a time to meet with the teacher for extra help if they are struggling.
Course Selection: Course selection ended on April 9.  Course selection required students to enter the desired courses in PowerSchool, print the summary page, sign the summary along with a parent/guardian and submit the signed paper to Academic Affairs.  If you did not complete this process, please contact Ms. Kelly immediately.  Students who do not select their courses will be assigned classes based on graduation requirements and availability of courses.
Schoology: Students were emailed information on how to access their Schoology accounts on 9/14/20.  Parents were emailed information to create their Schoology accounts on 10/2/20.  Students must be logged into their COHS email in order to access Schoology and they must use the Archdiocesan Schoology site by going to  Please note that PowerSchool is the official academic record and the grades may at times differ if a teacher has not synced the two systems yet or if the teacher only added a grade into PowerSchool and did not include it as an assignment in Schoology.  Please be sure to check PowerSchool regularly for the official grades.  There are times that an assignment will be graded in Schoology but not synced with PowerSchool yet.  Sometimes that will occur because only part of the class was given an assessment and the teacher is waiting for the other half of the class to take it before syncing so that the second half does not get synced as zeros.