Academic Announcements

Thank you for another successful year!


Please remember to complete any summer assignments.  All English and Theology classes have summer assignments as well as many math classes.  Additionally Spanish II, Chesterton classes, and many of the AP classes have summer work to complete.


Rosters will be available in late August.  Any course request changes must be made using the Course Change Request Form.  The form and any other roster questions should be sent to [email protected].




2023-2024 School Year


Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year!  We hope you enjoyed your summer vacation and that you took some time to rest and reflect on this past year. High school is such a critical time and there are supports in place for the student body in Guidance, Academics and Ministry. Make sure you take every advantage offered to you as it only helps you grow outside your comfort zone, achieve your personal goals, and further your relationship with Jesus.


We encourage you to strive for excellence in your academic studies. Be sure to schedule time each day for homework (reading, studying and reviewing the day’s lessons). Students will be utilizing their school issued laptops in class and for homework. Be sure to use them responsibly and do not get distracted from your educational goals!


Rosters were emailed August 17th if there were no holds due to finances, technology, or missing textbooks. The classes listed are based on your spring selections as well as the courses you are required to take and fit into the overall master schedule. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you. While we would be glad to adjust your roster in the case of an error, because classes are filled to capacity, we are unable to adjust rosters to accommodate teacher requests, lunch preference, etc. Any student who has a NECESSARY roster change must complete the course change request form on the Academic page of the website and email it to [email protected] as soon as possible. Please note that changes to honors or AP courses must have a teacher recommendation or the approval of the department chair.   We are unable to adjust course levels without those.  No requests to change courses will be honored after September 16, 2023.


Students are encouraged to contact their teachers if they begin struggling in any of their classes.  Math tutoring is available before and after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays through the math department.  NHS tutoring is available as well for all subjects.  Please sign up for a tutor using this link.   If there is an issue with any class or teacher, the proper protocol is for the student/parent to contact the teacher.  If not resolved, the student/parent should contact the department chair.  Usually these steps are sufficient but if not, the next recourse would be to contact Ms. Kelly in Academic Affairs.  The student's guidance counselor is also an excellent resource in problem-solving any issues.


Course selection ended on March 20.  Course selection appointments began on February 21.  Students chose their classes with the counselor.  A form of the selected courses was printed for the student to take home.  Both the student and the parent needed to sign that form and return it to the Academic Affairs Office to complete the course selection process.  Students will be rostered in the order in which the signed forms are returned.