Academic Announcements

Virtual Back-to-School Night: Will occur on Thursday, September 17, from 6-7:30 PM.  Faculty will have videos available on our website for parents to view.  The faculty will then be available in Zooms from 6-7:30 PM if you have questions about their classes or policies.  These Zooms will be open to all parents and are not a time for private conversations about your individual child as other parents may enter at any time.
Zoom Links: Teachers should be sharing their Zoom links with their students.  Some have posted their links in PowerSchool under Class Description.  Some have emailed the links to their students and many have posted them in Schoology.  We truly appreciate your patience and understanding as we work out some issues with the Zoom connections this first week.  Although the teachers have been working diligently, technology can present unforeseen challenges, which they strive to resolve as quickly as possible.
Schoology: Students were emailed information on how to access their Schoology accounts on 9/14/20.  Parents are expected to receive their access in early October.  Students must be logged into their COHS email in order to access Schoology.
A/B Designation and Virtual Instruction: There have been some questions lately about what the A/B designations mean.  If you are assigned to group A, you will attend classes in person on days with the A designation on the calendar, ignoring the number designation.  So A1, A3, A6, etc. would be days that a group A student would attend classes in person.  On B days, those students would attend their classes virtually by logging into their teacher's Zoom link in Schoology at the assigned time of the class.  At period 1, the students will log into the first period class Zoom by 7:55 AM and attend class.  At the beginning of second period, the students will log into that period's Zoom link by 8:50 AM and attend that class.  They will do this with all of their classes following the day's bell schedule.  Conversely, B group students will attend in person on days with the B designation on the calendar, ignoring the number designation and attend virtually on A days.  When virtual, students will attend their classes in real time.