Academic Announcements


The new school year is off to a brisk start.  Students have been all smiles returning to the building and seeing their friends, meeting their teachers, and starting their classes.  


At this time, students who discovered a rostering error should have already notified Academic Affairs.  Students wishing to change classes must submit the course change request form located on this page to no later than Friday, September 17. 


Students should contact their teachers with any questions about the assignments or content of their classes.  It is very important not to fall behind.  Being proactive will make the class more manageable and help to avoid undue stress.  Be sure to complete and submit all homework assignments and to study every subject nightly, even if you do not have written homework in the subject.


Tutoring through the National Honor Society will be available again this year.  Your guidance counselors are also here to help.  Be sure to use the resources available to you to have the most successful year possible!