Academic Announcements

Update - 4/1/20
The third quarter closed on Friday.  Teachers are validating their grades and all grades should be finalized by Friday.  You can view the grades on PowerSchool.  The Office of Catholic Education is working with PowerSchool to enable us to send report cards electronically.  We hope to have that option active sometime next week and we will send report cards as soon as we can.  With the uncertainties surrounding how COVID-19 is transmitted coupled with the Governor's stay-at-home order, this is the safest and best way to deliver your child's report card.
The fourth quarter is off to a quick start.  Today the students have off while our teachers engage in professional development activities to help them serve our students better in this virtual learning world.   Tomorrow and Friday will be normal class days so students should be sure to submit their attendance form before 9 AM.  If a difficulty is encountered with the form or internet connection is lost, the student or parent should email me at or call 610-328-0200 before 9 AM to have the student logged in as present.  Looking to next week, Monday and Tuesday will also require attendance forms to be submitted.  Monday is a class day but Tuesday we will have Mass.  Wednesday, April 8, begins Easter break.  We will return from break on Tuesday, April 14.
Please continue to practice safety precautions but stay active.  Keep in touch with teachers so that assignments are not missed and content is understood.  Communication is key.  The teachers cannot see the look of confusion on students' faces in this virtual world, even when doing a live class as only so many students show on the screen at one time.  Students need to let their teachers know if they do not understand the material or are having difficulty with an assignment.  Please do not wait until the assignment is due or it is time for a test to reach out to the teacher with questions.
Be safe and God bless!
Update - 3/25/2020
Virtual learning will be continuing until April 6, 2020, per the Archdiocesan directive.  It has been an interesting transition moving to being in school at home but most of us have made it successfully!  Although we do not require it, you can certainly wear your O'Hara uniform during the school day to remind yourself and your families that you are in school.  Be sure to log into your teachers' platforms every day for your work but also your email as some teachers will email as well plus the daily attendance arrives to your email.
Students are still responsible for submitting their attendance form before 9 AM each day.  The form is emailed to them every day before 6 AM.  An automatic confirmation will be emailed to the student when the form is submitted.  If a student encounters an issue or does not receive it or some reason, the student should email Ms. Kelly at immediately.  After 9 AM, the form closes and students have until 10:30 AM  to be marked late but will receive demerits from Student Services.  After 10:30 AM, students will be marked absent for the day.  If a student cannot participate in classes on a particular day, a parent/guardian should call the student out using the attendance line (610-328-0200).
The third quarter ends this Friday, March 27, 2020.  Students should make sure that all assignments, including those done virtually, are completed.  If you have questions or concerns, please email your teachers immediately.
Course selection has begun and all students should be referring to the resources available on this page to hep them select the best classes.  The course catalog contains descriptions of all the courses as well as their prerequisites.  It also has helpful information about the course selection and scheduling process, the grading system and graduation requirements.  Also on this site are videos from the department chairs explaining their course offerings and tutorials on how to complete the course selection in PowerSchool.  Once the student submits the course selections in PowerSchool, the student should print the next page with the course selections, rank the electives and alternates in order of preference and then sign the form.  A parent/guardian also needs to sign the form and then a scan or picture of the form should be emailed to Ms. Kelly at  All course selections need to be completed by April 6.  Please email Ms. Kelly with any questions or if you encounter a problem during course selection.  I am here to help!
Please continue to take care of yourselves physically and mentally during this time.  Participate in Ms. Evert's events, communicate with your teachers, and stay connected to O'Hara!  We miss seeing everyone every day but we want everyone to be safe.  God bless all of you!
Update - 3/17/2020
The third quarter will be ending on March 27, 2020.  Please continue to monitor progress, communicate with teachers, and seek assistance as needed.
As you know, we have moved to an online format.  Teachers have shared with their students what platform they will be using.  Many of them are continuing to use the same platform as they have all year while others have added platforms.  Many teachers are using Google Classroom and PowerSchool as their main platforms.  Some teachers will be hosting virtual classes via Zoom.  I thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation as we explore these new waters.
Students should be sure to log into their O'Hara emails by 9 AM each day to log attendance.  If a student is not able to participate in lessons on a particular day, a parent/guardian should call the student out using the attendance line as normal.
Course selection will begin on March 23, 2020.  The updated course catalog is available on the Cardinal O'Hara website under Academics.  Students should take the course selection process seriously and should select courses based on graduation needs, career goals, college/career requirements, and personal interests.  Students should not base their choices on who might teach the course as teachers often change or on how "easy" a course is perceived to be as perceptions may vary from student to student.  Once classes are scheduled, it is very difficult to change courses so careful selection based on educational reasons is necessary now.
Our department chairs prepared videos to assist with selection of courses in their departments. These videos are available on the website along with tutorials for each grade on how to submit course selections in PowerSchool.  It is important to follow all of the steps as courses will be scheduled based on when the student was fully registered, including having all financial obligations met and the course selection process completed.  Submission of course selections will occur online via PowerSchool but will not be complete until the submitted selections are printed, signed by student and parent/guardian, and turned into the Academic Affairs Office.  During our virtual education period, students/parents should scan/photograph and email the signed forms to

Please note that some classes being offered next year require an application.  Be sure to contact Ms. Borusiewicz in English for AP Literature, AP Language, Honors Journalism, or Honors Creative Writing/Film, Ms. Toenniessen in Theology for Honors Medical Ethics, Honors Discipleship, or Honors Peer Ministry, and Mr. Stinger in Mathematics for AP Calculus if you are interested in any of these classes.
I pray that everyone stays healthy and safe during these times.  Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.  God bless you all!