Course Selection Information

course selection graphicCardinal O’Hara welcomes you to Course Selection for the 2024-2025 school year! 

We are excited about our course offerings this year, especially our new ones, and hope you will be too.

Please review the course catalog for information about the courses and requirements.  

Please note that courses selected during the course selection process are the ones to which we will attempt to schedule you.  If your primary selection is not available or conflicts, then we will use the alternate courses that you provide.  If you do not provide an alternate course, provide the same courses as your alternates as your original courses, or use the same course repeatedly, then we will assign you to a course that is open and does not conflict with your other courses.  As part of the selection process, your advisor will print out the course selection page summary with all of your chosen classes listed.  On that page, please number your electives and also your alternates in rank order of preference.

Please be aware that some courses, like AP courses, have summer work that will need to be completed.  In most cases, the AP teachers will contact you with the work.  For some courses, the required work is listed in the course catalog.

Students will not be scheduled until all financial obligations are current.  Please be sure to submit your course selections no later than March 15.  Decisions will be made regarding classes beginning then and you do not want to risk a class you want being cancelled due to insufficient enrollment because your selections had not been made.

Just a reminder as well that schedule changes are difficult to make, and sometimes cannot be made at all, once rosters are created and classes cannot be changed or dropped after the first week of school.  Please choose your courses carefully as a result.  Be sure to talk to your parents, guidance counselors, and teachers when choosing courses.  Your guidance counselors can assist you in figuring out which classes are needed for certain majors or specific colleges of interest to you.  All students will need to meet with a guidance counselor or academic advisor to select courses this year.

Be aware of graduation requirements.  They are listed in the course catalog but you can use the four-year planner as a reference point for them as well.  Please realize that certain classes should be taken prior to others.  For instance, Biology and Chemistry should be taken prior to science electives.  Also know that you cannot repeat a course.  If you sign up for Chemistry and you already took Chemistry, you will not get credit for both which means you will be short graduation credits.  We try to catch errors like this but it is up to you to be sure not to take a course you already had.  If in doubt, please ask Academic Affairs or Counseling and we can check for you.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.  Selecting courses is exciting but it is also a big decision that should not be taken lightly.  

God bless!


Four Year Planner