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Looking for information on who can get tested and where the sites are in Delaware County?
See the sites to find out.
Junior Physicals due now.
Verification of your Junior student receiving a physical and an immunization against the meningococcal virus, after the age of 16, is past due. THIS IS REQUIRED FOR THE STUDENT TO ENTER AS A SENIOR. 
Please email the form ( or have your student deliver it to my office.

Important Reminders:

MNSD Medication Policy
All prescribed medication must be accompanied by a physician prescription, parent signature and the medication in its original container with the prescription label. A form is available on the side bar for medication to be given at school. Medication will not be given without the proper permission and the medication label that is up-to-date.
New Students must provide the required immunizations with a physical report.
The State Of Pennsylvania requires all students to provide a completed physical form before entering 11th grade.  Physicals dated within the previous school year are accepted.
Immunization requirements are on link in the menu on the side bar. NOTE. The meningococcal shot date must be presented to the school nurse and is to include administrators signature BEFORE ENTERING 12TH GRADE.
Emergency cards/over-the-counter medication permission.
Please complete this card when you receive it on the first day of school and return the next day. Please check that you have completed the front and back. Over-the-counter medication permission is on the back of the card. Medications available in the health office are acetaminophen, ibuprofen and Tums.
Requirement for the release of the sick student.
Students leaving from the health office require an adult listed on the emergency card to be transport home. The sick student may not drive home.
Thank you,
Mrs. Lake, RN, BSN, CSN
Ext. 1835
Health services are provided by a Certified School Nurse of the Marple Newtown School District. The school nurse adheres to the MNSD polices. The health service carries out state mandates and promotes healthy lifestyles. The following are the state and local regulations that directly affect your student.