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Welcome to the Student Services Office

All student drivers MUST have a NEW 2019-2020 parking permit to park on the O'Hara lot. All drivers must be in compliance by October 1st. 

Be sure to see the 2019-2020 UPDATED School Handbook on the right.

Procedures for Absence Lateness & Early Dismissals

A parent/guardian must call 610-328-0200 or 610-328-0201 before 10:30 a.m. the day of your student's absence and give the student's name and specific reason for the absence. If there is NO phone call, the absence will be regarded as Truancy.
An absence card is due in the MAIN OFFICE THE DAY YOU RETURN. Failure to do so will result in demerits. One demerit will be given for each day the card is late. Any day school is in session and you are absent, an absence card is required regardless of the reason. Even if you have a doctor's note, an absent note signed by a parent/guardian is still required. (Please attach the absent note to the doctor's note.) Extra absence cards are available in the Main Office.
NO PHONE CALLS OR WALK-INS FOR EARLY DISMISSAL WILL BE ACCEPTED. Requests must be in writing. Requests are to be submitted to the Main Office before homeroom. The person picking up the student must report to the Main Office to sign the student out. If the student is driving, permission from the parent must be included in the letter.

Student Services Office


Mrs. Linda Wert

Assistant Principal for Student Services



Mrs. Chrissy Scanlan

Administrative Assistant