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Updated- 3/19/2020

Each student begins the school year with 200 conducts points reflecting the two semesters of the school year (100 each). The demerit points are deducted through the school year for each infraction.  As a student accrues demerits, detentions are assigned after each 10 demerit level. An afternoon detention is hosted each week on Tuesday for those reaching 10 demerits. Students are to report to Room 220 immediately following 8th period for a 45 minute detention. 
Saturday detentions will be assessed and rescheduled.
Students should enter through the Main entrance. All students attending Saturday detention should report on time in school uniform with reading materials or academic work. 
Gently used sweaters can be purchased in the Student Services Office for $10.  There are a very limited number of used cardigans for $15.  Other gently used uniform items are also available.
You can also purchase new maroon stockings for $5 and new O'Hara ties for $15. 

Reminder to Wash Your Hands!


Student Services Office

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