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Important Reminders- Updated 2/18/2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the dress code for the 2020-2021 school year will include wearing a solid color mask with no writing or vents or the O’Hara mask at all times, including in; but not limited to, parking lot,  hallways, classrooms, cafeteria, chapel, and auditorium. 
The uniform will be the polo shirt, long or short sleeve, school tie, along with the khakis for the males and skirt for the females. If cold, students may wear their O’Hara fleece or sweater. All other normal dress code regulations still apply.
Clothing items beyond the acceptable dress code listed above will be considered a dress code violation.  Hoodies/sweatshirts worn throughout the school day are NOT a replacement option for the school sweater or fleece.
The conduct grade is calculated slightly differently than academic grades. For each demerit received point(s) will be deducted from a conduct grade of 200. The conduct grade will not be renewed at the beginning of each semester. DEMERITS ACCUMULATE THROUGHOUT THE YEAR! Demerits will only reset in September of the school year. It is the responsibility of the student to know where they stand academically, but also in meeting personal behavior expectations. Students should frequently check PowerSchool for demerit accumulations and the Student Services Office, for detention assignments.
As a student accrues demerits, Saturday detentions or service hours are assigned at 20 demerits and at each 10 demerit accumulation.
Detention notices are sent electronically to students.
Saturday detention will be held from 8:55am-11am on: 

Saturday detentions will resume in April.  All participants will be notified by email.


Whether a student is in school or learning virtually, Cardinal O’Hara upholds the same attendance policies. Any changes in a student’s attendance should be communicated by an adult via the attendance line- 610-544-3800 extension 1827.
This includes; but is not limited to, absences, early dismissals, funerals, medical appointments, sudden illness during the school day or other emergencies, etc.
If your student is going to be virtual on a day he or she is expected in the building, you must call the attendance line to indicate that your child will be "Virtual on an in-person day."  The student will be expected to be present, visible and active in all classes that day.  It is critical for the safety and security of everyone that we have an accurate count of who is physically present in the school building in case of emergencies. However, all students should stick to their hybrid or fully virtual schedule. Hybrid students should only go temporarily virtual if they are having surgery, require a brief extended absence, are advised to quarantine, and should clear this with school administration prior. 
Students who do not report to school on an IN PERSON day, even if they opt to be virtual, will NOT be permitted to participate/attend athletics or activities on campus that day.

Students and Families are asked to please note:

As of Monday November 16, 2020-
-Failure to report to a virtual class will be listed as such, and demerits sanctioned.  Repeated offenses will result in an increase in sanctioned demerits and loss of privileges as presented in the Cardinal O'Hara Handbook.  Accumulation of absences from virtual classes may result in truancy.
-Students not reporting for the entire prayer/first period, will be sanctioned 5 demerits.  
-Students who do not report to school on an IN PERSON day, even if they opt to be virtual, will NOT be permitted to participate/attend athletics or activities on campus that day.

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