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Principal's Message

Graduating from Cardinal O’Hara in 1989 was one of my proudest moments, and it is with that sentiment that I approach each day. I am honored to be entering my seventh year as principal and am truly blessed to share this experience with our past, current, and future lions.

Our Catholic Identity is at the heart of everything we do. Everyday, our students have the opportunity to serve God, serve others, and honor the motto of pride, excellence, and tradition. Excellence in academics, athletics, and activities requires faith, hard work, dedication, and the motivation to succeed beyond one’s own expectations. We believe every Lion should have equal access to opportunities that allow them to shine and feel true accomplishment. These opportunities might be different depending on student interests and goals and we are committed to continue to expand and grow with our student body. We may set the bar high, but it is the students that sail over it, with grace and dignity, everyday.

I know I speak for the entire administration, staff and faculty when I say it is truly a joy to work at O’Hara. The family atmosphere you probably felt when you toured 100% exists (although late April/early May is always a struggle!). It is our goal to empower students to serve others, to become innovative thinkers and creative problem solvers who rely on their faith to help them find their true purpose. The level of commitment from our students is unparalleled. Our community is what it is because of them.

Please know excellence cannot be achieved without your support and your input is always welcome. Reach out anytime at [email protected]

God Bless!!

Ms. Eileen Murphy