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As the Heart of the Cardinal O’Hara Family, Campus Ministry exists to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ’s redeeming Love, to grow as disciples in that Love, to develop healthy relationships through that Love, to serve others with that Love, and to return that Love to God in worship.

US Bishops urge Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe for the end of the CoronaVirus Pandemic
From Father Masson

Hello Cardinal O’Hara Family,


In the past week I have been reminded of the time right before I entered the Seminary. I was lucky enough to have a very close group of friends that prayed together each week and became very close. However as I enter the seminary, another moved into college, another moved because of a job and the group was broken apart. We meant so much to one another and were no longer able there. One of my friends said that we were going to be “Alone Together”. We were no longer with one another but we were together in spirit, in purpose, and especially in prayer.


In this time of pandemic and isolation we must remember that we are not alone but “Alone Together”. We are all in this together. Most especially, the Lord is with us. The feast of the Annunciation was great reminder that our God became man and took on human flesh to be with us. This time of Social Distancing means that we need strive even harder to stay connected in the ways we can, to each other, and to our God.


It is easy for us to give in to the temptations to be angry, lazy, frustrated, and remain isolated. However we can choose to continue living with meaning, intention, and purpose. We still have goals, classes, friendships, and families that need our effort, hard work, and attention. I urge you to not grow weary and become closed off to the world but engage and remain united to the important people in your lives, especially your friendship with Christ.


There are many ways that we can continue grow in our Friendship with God. Churches have adoration and Live stream Masses or devotions. Many companies and websites that provide daily meditations and prayers have made their Lenten Resources free. This is an opportunity to read scripture and spend time with the Word of God. Although public Masses are canceled we can still do our best to keep Holy the Sabbath. To assist in our efforts to continue our Faith Formation there are many helpful Links on the Ministry Page of the COHS Website and parish websites throughout Delaware County.


Know that you and your families are in my prayers and I ask that we all pray for one another, as we remain “Alone Together”.


God Bless,

Fr. John Masson


All public celebrations of Mass are canceled as response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. However the Commandment to keep Holy the Sabbath still remains. There are many ways for us to do this on our own and/or with our families and friends: 


    • There are links to Live Stream Mass from the Cathedral and many parishes in the area that help us to still come together in prayer. (Link Below)
    • We can find the readings for this Sunday, the 4th Sunday of Lent, and spend time in prayer meditating their meaning and what they are saying to you. I have added some links that may help. 
    • This a great time read good lenten reflections, a spiritual book, and most importantly spend time with scripture.
    • We can use this time to pray a Rosary
    • Take some time for another devotion for which may not normally have the time, such as the Divine Mercy Chaplet.
    • Read about and pray with the Saints.
    • Fast from noise and spend some time in silence.
        These are simply some suggestions and tips that may help. It is not an exhaustive list by any means.  There are many ways we can still do our best to Keep Holy the Sabbath Day and grow in our relationship with our God as we practice Social Distancing.
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Happy and Blessed Summer!