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From Mrs. Diane Casey...
At this point in the game, all students should be settling into classes. They should have the class syllabus and be acclimating to teacher expectations. If you have any questions about a class or teacher, please email the teacher. I am a firm believer in addressing the situation with the person involved. 
Students should be doing homework every night. They should have written work and reading to go along with the class lesson. Please inquire about his/her day. They are never too old or responsible to not have someone say, "Did you do your homework??"
PowerSchool is still a work in progress, but the benefits will soon outweigh the frustration of learning something new. Please ask your child for the Parent Sign In information. It makes life easier if you sign up and allow PS to send you weekly reminders of how your child is progressing.
Thank you for your patience and for sending your child to Cardinal O’Hara High School.
Academic Affairs Office

Mrs. Diane Casey  '83

Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs 

Mrs. Patrica Rafferty

Administrative Assistant 

Academic Affairs Office