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Christine Tickman

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English Language Arts 1 (ELA I)- Track 2


Instructor:       Mrs. Christine Tickman

                        Room 233 (2nd & 3rd period)          Office:  CounselingCenter

                        Phone:  (610) 544-3800x1858     E-mail:


Course Description:  ELA I is a critical reading, writing, and speaking course supported through genre studies.  ELA I is a course based on the Archdiocesan Common Core Standards and will provide students with the skills and knowledge to become critical readers and writers.  Students will develop writing skills using the full writing process and will learn how to produce and distribute quality writing using technology’s capacity to produce, publish, and share writing products.  This course will advance students’ knowledge of the conventions of Standard English and will strengthen vocabulary acquisition and use. (Adapted from Archdiocesan Common Core Standards)




Vocabulary Workshop E.  Sadlier-Oxford, 2012. (must purchase)

Grammar for Writing.   Sadlier-Oxford 2000

Prentice Hall Literature Language and LiteracyPrentice Hall, 2010 (on-line text)


Course Methods:






Homework assignments

Writing assignments


Evaluation Methods:


Technology Assignments

Periodic tests

Weekly Vocabulary quizzes

Periodic quizzes on reading assignments

Writing assignments

Homework/Internet assignments

Class participation/attendance

Projects (one per quarter)


Grading Policy:

  • Straight Point Based:  All assignments (evaluation methods) are given specific point values.   Students will try to earn as many points as possible.  Students must monitor the on-line grading system, GradeConnect ( from


Supplies Needed:

  • Loose leaf paper
  • Notebook with pocket folders-(for handouts, worksheets, etc.)
  • Technology:  Students will be asked to use technology for various assignments and assessments throughout the year


Note:  GradeConnect will include homework assignments and important dates for tests, quizzes, and projects.  All grades for tests, quizzes, projects, and homework assignments will be posted in a timely manner.  Students must set up GradeConnect accounts.  Parents are strongly encouraged to set up GradeConnect accounts to monitor student progress.


Absence Policy:  Students who are absent due to illness or vacation are responsible for making up all work  (homework, quizzes, tests, projects, etc)  Student is responsible for finding out missing assignments and due dates.