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Early in each school year, eighth grade students attending parochial schools will begin to receive information about Cardinal O'Hara High School. Public school students, who are enrolled in parish religious education classes, can also expect to receive information about procedures for enrolling at Cardinal O'Hara. Any student, who does not attend parochial grade school or parish religious classes, but is interested in receiving information about Cardinal O'Hara High School, should call or email the Admissions Director, Mrs. Patti Arnold, (610-544-3800-ext.1870 or in order to place their name on the O'Hara mailing list.

Cardinal O'Hara High School will host two Open House events as well as three "Closer Look" evenings during the upcoming school year. Additionally parochial school students will have an opportunity to visit Cardinal O'Hara on Archdiocesan Universal  Visitation Day held this year on Thursday  November 13th. (NOTE: Students may visit only Catholic high schools of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Visitations to public schools or private schools, including private Catholic schools should not be taken on Universal Visitation Day)

Public school students may visit Cardinal O'Hara on O'Hara's Non-Diocesan Visitation Day on Thursday December 4th.

Cardinal O'Hara High School also hosts three "Closer Look Evenings" each year. These meeting type settings are designed for families who have taken the time to visit O'Hara at other Open House events and who want a more in depth explanation of what is available at Cardinal O'Hara. These events are by reservation only. Those wishing to attend one of these "Closer Look Evenings" should call the Admissions Office at 610-544-3800-ext. 1870 or email our Admissions Director Mrs. Patti Arnold at: You can view the O'Hara Calendar on this site.

All eighth Graders are invited to join the O'Hara Lions PRIDE. By becoming a member of the Pride students receive the LIONS PRIDE newsletter keeping them informed about things going on at O'Hara, and they are invited to attend O'Hara sports events and school theater productions free of charge. If you wish to join the PRIDE, just contact the Admissions Office.

Early registration for incoming ninth graders begins in early December and ends in Mid-January. Those registering during the early registration period receive a $25 discount on the registration fee. The regular registration period extends from Mid-January until Mid-March. Those registering after the regular registration period are assessed a $25 late registration fee.

 Tuition Schedule for school year 2015-2016

Monthly Payments Catholic Family 3 In Family Vo-Tech

Non-Catholic or

Out of Diocese

School Fee $1250.00 $1000.00 $1250.00 $1250.00

$650.00 June

$300.00 Oct

$300.00 Jan

$500.00 June

$250.00 Oct

$250.00 Jan

$650.00 June

$300.00 Oct

$300.00 Jan

$650.00 June

$300.00 Oct

$300.00 Jan

Tuition $6,800.00 $4,533.33 $4,760.00 $7,800.00
Total $8,050.00 $5,533.33 $6,010.00 $9,050.00
  • Tuition is due the 15th of each month July through April
  • The late fee for payments paid after the 15th of the month is $30.
  • Archdiocesan schools will use Smart Tuition for payment of tuition and fees

The Office of Catholic Education will announce the Tuition for 2016 -2017 in late January. 

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Click here for our Scholarship Competition Registration - Eighth Grade Students wishing to sit for O'Hara's Academic Competition in November may download the registration form.

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