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Academic Eligibility Policy

Although students are encouraged to participate in the activities program of the school, great care should be exercised so that the degree of participation in these activities does not have a harmful effect upon their academic progress.

Students who fail to receive a passing grade in two or more major subjects will become ineligible to participate in sports and other activities during the next marking period. Students with two or more failures for the first quarter will be ineligible during the second quarter. Students with two or more failures for the first semester will be ineligible during the third quarter. Students with two or more failures for the third quarter will be ineligible for the fourth quarter.

Students who are on Academic Probation are ineligible to participate in any sport or activity during the first two weeks of the next marking period.  This is a total ban from all practices, work sessions, meetings, and any club activities. 

After two weeks, students on Academic Probation may practice and attend meetings but may not play in games, perform in the show or stage crew or attend any club activities that leave the premises.  Any athlete on Academic Probation may attend a game ONLY as a spectator, providing his/her own transportation, paying for a ticket and sitting in the student section.

After four consecutive weeks of satisfactory Academic Performance Sheets completed by all of his/her teachers, including attendance at four Monday structured study hall sessions from 2:15to 3:00 PM, a student may qualify for early release from Academic Probation. 

It is the responsibility of the student to secure review forms, have their teachers complete these forms on a weekly basis and return them to their counselor who will forward them to the assistant principal for a review. The student will receive written notification from the assistant principal once a decision on the appeal has been made.