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Cross Country-Boys'

Welcome to Cardinal O'Hara Boys Cross Country

  Any boys interested in joining the team please contact:   

 HEAD COACH:  Tom Kennedy 215-720-TRAK ;

ASST COACH:  Joe Sacchetti 610-613-3454 ;


O'Hara XC 2014 knocks off #1 North Allegheny in Hershey..will be #1 or #2!

Pre-Season Ranking of #5 in the NE USA..


Winningest XC team in PA over the last 4 years!


              July 1 – Start your Summer Miles

              Sun Jul 20 - XC CAMP 

              Sun Aug 10  – Summer BBQ

              Mon Aug 11 - Daily Practices begin 6:30 pm at Rosetree Park

Wed Sep 3, 10, 17, 24 - PCL Meets / Belmont

Fri Sep 5-7 – Hershey Retreat

Sat Sep 13 -  Briarwood Invitational / Belmont

Sat Sep 20  - PIAA Foundation Meet / Hershey PA

Sun Sep 21 - Community Service @ Philly Rock n Roll 1/2  

Fri Sep 26-28 – DCXC Festival Washington, DC

Wed Oct 1, 8* - PCL Meets (* Southerns) / Belmont

Sat Oct 11 - Delco Championship / Rosetree Park

Sun Oct 12 - Community Service @ Run For Johnny 5K / at O'Hara

Sat Oct 18 - PCL Championship / Belmont

Thu Oct 23 - District 12 Championship / Belmont

Sat Nov 1 – PIAA State Championship / Hershey PA

Sat Nov 15 - Deuce at Singer Falls 2 Miler

Fri Nov 21 - XC Beef N Beer Fundraiser / Barnabys

Sun Nov 23 - Community Service @ Philly Marathon / Washington Ave

Sat Nov 29 – NE Regionals / Wappinger Falls NY

Sat Dec 6 – National Championship / Portland OR

Tues Dec 16 - XC Banquet / Lamb Tavern 


Sun March 22 – Annual O’Hara Leprachaun 5K! @ O'Hara

Sun March 29 - Billy Mock 5K @ Ridley Creek

 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NATIONAL CHAMPIONS in the DMR LOOK FORWARD TO A GREAT XC '14  


....................LIONS HISTORY.. read below:.................

O'Hara XC makes HISTORY in Portland OR...

2012 US #5 & ALL-AMERICAN!!  


Great News for O'Hara

2012 (preseason)RANKED #1 in PA & #7 IN THE US!

XC Nation TOP TEN in the US

1. .1929 Christian Brothers Academy, Lincroft, NJ
2. .1886 Southlake Carroll HS, Southlake, TX
3. .1879 Davis HS, Kaysville, UT
4. .1746 North Central HS, Spokane, WA
5. .1653 Northport HS, Northport, NY
6. .1631 York HS, Elmhurst, IL
7. .1504 Cardinal O'Hara HS, Springfield, PA
8. .1489 Stillwater HS, Oak Park Heights, MN
9. .1487 The Woodlands HS, The Woodlands, TX
10. .1461 St. John Bosco HS, Bellflower, CA!rankings

Folks, this year promises to be the record breaking season of all time for the O'Hara XC boys! No Catholic school has EVER won the State Championship... so just lookout for this team...30 runners strong, it's an enormous team and loaded with the best talent we've ever seen line up in the League, County, and maybe the State!.

Don't take our word for it - come out and see for yourself.. we love fans of all ages!!







Nationally Ranked #10 in the United States

Wish us luck at the State Championships this Sat Nov 5 in Hershey PA!

 ..the boys will try to win the school's first ever State Championship, the County's first ever XC State Championship, and be the first PA Catholic School to ever win an XC State Championship...your prayers will help!


Cross Country Nite at Barnabys Aston!

Fri Nov 18 730pm -11pm

C'mon out and see all your XC pals and there!

Call Andrea @ 610-574-5028 or Joe @ 610-613-3454



On Friday, Oct 27, our boys trudged through the mud at Belmont to thump the entire Philadelphia area with a 31 point victory, the 2nd highest of all time, that is 2nd only to their own performance of last year. This 2-yr total may NEVER be broken - we keep saying that but it's true! Out of 90 school's worth of runners, the boys finished 2, 3, 5, 6, 15, 17, and 22..Utter demolition folks! 

Better yet , we woke this morning ranked 10th in the US!




On Saturday Oct 22, our boys repeated as PCL XC Champs, scoring just 28 points! Their 2 year total of 55 points has set a record that may NEVER be broken!! Congratulations to all the boys, especially FIRST TEAM All Catholic Danny Savage, Mike Bilotta, Chris Pastore, Ernie Pitone, and Freshman Kevin James!  

(Coach Kennedy, Ernie Pitone, Kevin James, Mike Bilotta, Chris Pastore, Jake Sacchetti, Christian Ostrowski, Dan Savage, Coach Sacchetti)


Congratulations also to the Freshmen PCL Champs!! our first Frosh Championship since 2005 - wow! congrats to the upcoming stars - Jack Nolen, Drew Pastore, Eric Goldhorn, Jeff Govanicci, Vincent Biche, Michael Tye, Jake Lyons, and Tip Swartz!!


Congratulations to the PCL JV Medalists who earned the 2nd place Team title: Peter Biche, Phil Swartz, Jim Belfatto, Jimmy Boyle, & Matt Hayes..well done!

(Peter Biche, Phil Swartz, Jim Belfatto, Jim Boyle, Matt Hayes)



On Saturday Oct 15, our boys 3-Peated as county champs, scoring 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 12, & 14 out of 168 runners..Mass Destruction of the entire County!! 




(Back Row: Coach Kee, Alex Fox, Matt Messner, Thomas McNulty, Jimmy Boyle, Phil Swartz, Jon Reed, Bob Montoro, Joe Waterfield, Coach Kennedy Front Row: Coach Sacchetti, Christian Donnelly, Jack Nolen, Jim Belfatto, Matt Hayes, Drew Pastore, Matt McCalla) 




2011 Great American Race of Champions

October 1, 2011 in Cary, NC.


(L to R: Ernie Pitone, Dan Savage, Mike Bilotta, Christian Ostrowski, Kevin James, Jake Sacchetti, Chris Pastore) 





September 24, 2011 in Hershey, PA


(fast start at Parkview Course in Hershey)





September 24, 2011 at Belmont Plateau, Philly PA

(Junior Dan Savage top man for OHara this year)




Mark your calendars:

Briarwood Invitational at Belmont            Sep 17

PIAA Foundation Run at Hershey             Sep 24

Great American XC Festivalin North Carolina    Sep 29-Oct 2

Run for Johnny in Chesterbrook            Oct 9

Southerns at Belmont                                Oct 12

Delcos  at Rosetree Park 2pm                 Oct 15

PCLs at Belmont                                          Oct 22

District 12 Championships at Belmont    Oct 27

PIAA State Championshipsat Hershey      Nov 4-5

XC National Championships in Portland Ore   Dec 3 (must qualify)     



Congratulations to this year’s 4 Captains

 Seniors Mike Bilotta, Christian Ostrowski, & Jake Sacchetti, and Junior Danny Savage. As always, the members of the team select who they want to lead them to Victory, and the coaches couldn’t be happier that the team selected these fine young men. 


This Band of Brothers Goes by the Name Cardinal O'Hara

(This Article appeared in PennTrack - the Final K - Oct 2011)

HERSHEY -- Two days before the Cardinal O'Hara High boys were set to run at PIAA Foundation, they found themselves wearing black.

A teammate's mother had passed away, so the team huddled together the only way they knew they could. Bonded by brotherhood.

Let's get this straight, this Cardinal O'Hara team is more than just a band of runners. These guys are like family.

Description: was only more evident this past Saturday, when after capturing the Varsity Gold boys' race at Hershey Parkview -- a course that had been bruised up the day before -- the team came together and began to heal.

Emotionally drained. Physically exhausted. This team hadn't thought one second about quitting, about giving up.

And not only did District 12 power Cardinal O'Hara claim the team title, scoring 79 points between a scoring time spread of less than 30 seconds, but in the process they beat a long distance rival in WPIAL juggernaut and PA#1 Mount Lebanon by just six points.

"We just wanted to notch the win," said O'Hara's lead runner, junior Danny Savage, who was holding the flu, though raced through it and finished in 17:00. "Me, I wanted to be up there a little more and beat the guy from Mount Lebanon, but with me being sick and everything, I'll take it."

Two runners were sick, another was hurt and a freshman stepped in out of nowhere. The first five -- Savage, Chris Pastore, Kevin James, Mike Bilotta and Ernie Pitone -- all crossed the finish in under 17:30 minutes.  

"With a team like Mount Lebanon and guys like [Hatboro-Horshma's] Connor Quinn, Sam Hibbs and [Upper Moreland's Drew] Magaha and all those individuals, we were looking forward to that," said the junior Pastore. "We were getting it done during the week and it paid off.

The  larger goal was obvious. Cardinal O'Hara needed this race. This very well may have been a defining moment of the season.

Was all their hard work going to pay off? Were they as good as the rankings -- which had them at PA#3 -- said they were? Were they even going to show up?  

"It was always in our mind we would come," Cardinal O'Hara head coach Tom Kennedy  said. "I think cross country, like any sport, you have to take what comes and keep things in perspective and priority. It was never an issue if we would or wouldn't go."

But truth be told, Kennedy worked his team hard the week before Foundation. He took them to their limits, forcing them to grind out the miles, despite everything that was going on around them.

"You have to do it," Savage said of the workload, which added up to 70 miles the week before. "We have a lot of pressure on us, but even if you're sick or hurt, you have to be up there and doing what you can for the team."

Christian Ostrowski, the fading but not forgotten man who finished sixth on Saturday, held the deepest heart all week. It was his mother who passed. And he was the O'Hara runner who was dealing with the biggest injury -- startling back pains that affected his race in Hershey.

Description: had fought through the pain the week prior at Briarwood, an invitational the team had easily won. He ran a season-best 16:44 and finished fourth on the team.

But during the week, he re-injured his back, which he first sustained last winter in wrestling and then re-upped in January.

"His mother passed away this week, so everyone was at the funeral and that was tough for Christian," Kennedy said. "He's tight with a lot of guys on the team and it was very personal for a lot of guys on the team. We had a lot going on."

Description:'s where the freshman comes in.

Kevin James, a diminutive harrier with a buzzed haircut and deep-set eyes, carried Ostrowski's weight, finishing third on the team at 17:24.

The finish wasn't exactly a revelation for Kennedy, who tends not to promote freshmen to his varsity, but it was eye-opening.

"I think the way we look at it, you're going to be where you're going to be on the team," Kennedy said. "And he's running well. I have to be honest, I don't like having freshman on my varsity. But this kid leaves me no choice. He's too good."

James could be the missing piece. Or he could be the cushion O'Hara needs to look deeper in the postseason. This team has three juniors, three seniors and one freshman in its top seven. The experience is self-evident. A district 12 title isn't the question anymore. The state meet is the bigger picture.

All seven could get under 18 easy, and the best five are pushing for sub-17 by the end of the year. That's what has Kennedy thinking big.

"We've  never won a state championship," he said. "That’s stuck in us. We've been second a few times in track. Third a bunch of times in cross country and track. To tell you the truth, it's getting a little old."

There's little pause when Kennedy talks about his team's goal. The ostensible reality is that a state title isn't very far away. This team has all the pieces to get it done...outside of beating stalwarts North Allegheny and West Chester Henderson -- and of course, Mount Lebanon.

But most of these runners have been training for over two years together, some with three years experience.

"The kids wouldn't tolerate it if that wasn't their goal," Kennedy said. "The kids performances and commitment over the last three years has demanded we make this the goal. We were third at states last year and I'll be honest, I was happy. But the kids were unhappy.

"It was one of the worst rides home ever. All these unhappy guys after a third place at states. That tied our school best in AAA. But they didn't care. So for me, their performances and dedication have demanded that's the way it has to be."

And so how does it happen?

How does O'Hara make sure their state quest becomes a reality?

For this team, this band of brothers, it all comes down to commitment.

"You can always know that if you have a bad race one day, the guy right behind you is going to step up and take your place," senior Jake Sacchetti said, "and you won't lose points."

"It's a lot of pack running," he added. "We emphasize that in distance runs and practice runs. And so we try to stick together and draw from each other."

Training has helped this team heal. It has helped them come together, to bond, to relate in a way that many teams don't experience.

Racing has helped this team unite, to build and to look forward.

Now all that's left is achieving a goal that's right at the tip of their fingertips


Congratulations to this year’s 4 Captains

 Seniors Mike Bilotta, Christian Ostrowski, & Jake Sacchetti, and Junior Danny Savage. As always, the members of the team select who they want to lead them to Victory, and the coaches couldn’t be happier that the team selected these fine young men. 


 Saturday in Hershey

The PIAA Foundation Run at Hershey was this Sat and it proved to feature a showdown between the 2 best teams in the State!!!  

O'Hara and Mt Lebanon… fireworks were guaranteed!! 


PA State #1 on the way!!


Briarwood Invitational Results

Congratulations to all Lion runners for a truly amazing set of victories at the Briarwood Invitational this past Saturday.

First ever victory for both the Varsity AND Frosh teams in the same meet! 13 Individual medals and 2 Team plaques!!


…In a field of 200 boys, our Varsity took 3, 6, 12, 13, & 14th! If you’re thinking that’s unheard of.. you’re right!

They walked away with the TEAM win, thumping 2 other PA Top 10 teams, Great Valley and North Penn!

…2 JV medals in the JV race J

…and all 4 Frosh not only took home Individual medals but also took the coveted TEAM win…


Team tradition – when we win a team plaque, the coaches present it to one of the team members who showed extraordinary guts & courage before, during, or after the race.

The Varsity plaque went to Chris Pastore, who roared back from a month long injury to finish 12th at!

The JV plaque went to young Eric Goldhorn.. We call him Goldy..he weighs 100 lbs and does not normally speak unless spoken to J.  We love this kid. Saturday he weighed 1000 lbs and let his legs do the talking – he finished 9th, ripped a new PR, and discovered that he is one heck of a runner!

More Frosh news –

Drew Pastore was the Individual Champ of that same Frosh race – First ever in OHara history!

Kevin James may be a Frosh but he runs like a seasoned Champ. He ran a 16:44 for the Varsity on Saturday, finished 13th, and has caused Coach K to check the OHara record books for the top Frosh time at Belmont of all time… stay tuned, we’ll let you know…oh, this kid will be one of the greats.


Philly ½ Marathon Results

This past weekend the boys served the community by working Water Station #1 at the Rock & Roll ½ marathon.. after handing out cups of water to the 21,000 who passed by, they laced up and ran their own 13 miles for practice .. well done

We also managed to cheer on Mr Nolen during the race.. Good job 


Hershey Retreat Results

You gotta hand it to these order to preview the State course, they unanimously decided to brave last week’s torrent of rain and mud to travel to Hershey. They were able to run the course 3 days in a row, and get intimately acquainted with the hills they will see this week at Foundation, and of course on Nov 5th at the state finals.. to all the mom’s: sorry about the muddy shoes and clothes! To see the resolve of the boys, plodding though water and mud to make themselves better, warms the heart of the inner coach inside all of us…


Run for Johnny 5K 

Don’t forget folks – Sunday Oct 9th coming up is the Run for Johnny.. we raise money for A Baby’s Breath while commemorating the life of one of our very own runners, John Williamson ’05.

We will use the run as both Community Service and our Sunday miles just like last week at the Marathon..

Special invitation to any and all parents who would like to run the 5K with us and wear some OHara gear during the race...

we would also ask the parents of the runners to send in $10-20 for registering the kids in order to make a nice donation to the’s not necessary but we like to pay for the shirts and food that they provide us at the race...they are thankful that the OHara boys participate but even more thankful when we can donate to A Baby’s Breath…thanks so much..

OCT 9th at 9am

Wilson Farm Park

500 Lee Road,ʉ۬Chesterbrook, PA 19087


Senior Tips:

Line up your college visits, and apply early action to the one(s) you like best…

ACTs in Oct should be scheduled now..thanks

Schedule one more ACT, SAT, or SAT subject test before November

Do it now!


About College:
Start the Common App Now!
*Note to our Seniors – this is the time to narrow down your top 3-5 college choices. Let’s chat often thru September– runner/parents/coaches together…
we are here to help the boys to contact college coaches, and also help with the college apps, SATs, and visits…
don’t be overwhelmed – it may be the first time for you going through the process so let us help..we’ve been through it every year…
& our boys deserve to get into the best colleges they can !!
Here is the key: Don’t wait, start now..
Schedule a college visit on the college website, for ;
email the coach,
Schedule one more ACT, SAT, or SAT subject test 


Sad News

We are very, very sorry to tell everyone that Christian Ostrowski lost his mother this past weekend.  Vicki passed away Sunday morning after a long health battle. Vicki rarely missed a wrestling or track meet when she was in good health, and was Christian’s biggest fan. In the past months when she was unable to attend the races, I would call Vicki after meets to go over every detail of Christian’s race, and all his growing accolades! She was equally a fan of all the boys on the team and appreciated how special it was for Christian to have such good buddies in life.

 We are planning to take the boys at 930 am on Thursday morning (from school) to the Chapel in Feasterville - wearing their white unie tops over their O’Hara shirt and tie or polo - to join their brother Christian in support. We will join Christian for the viewing and life celebration, and then return to school...if anyone has questions or would be able to help drive, please call me at 610-613-3454..thank you.

The viewing will be held 10 to 11 A.M., at KIRK AND NICE SUBURBAN CHAPEL, 333 County Line Road, Feasterville PA.  Her Life Celebration will be held at 11 A.M at the same funeral home with the Interment to follow in Sunset Memorial Park.



Please contact us anytime for info about the team! 

HEAD COACH:  Tom Kennedy 215-720-8725 ;

ASST COACH:   Joe Sacchetti 610-613-3454 ; 



Parents - So that we have all the updated information on our runners, please cut and paste and then fill out the Information Form below and put it into an email addressed to:

Coach Sacchetti at

Thank you.



O'Hara Boys XC Team Contact Information Form


Runner’s Name:

Home# Cell #: Email:



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