Businesses in Pennsylvania can receive up to a 90% tax credit by donating to the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) and the Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC) programs. By directing tax dollars your business will already be paying, you can help provide a quality education for children who otherwise would not be able to afford it. The EITC and OSTC PA tax credits allow businesses to make these donations for pennies on the dollar. O’Hara works with representatives from BLOCS to ensure that this process is streamlined for businesses.
“Corporate responsibility is vital today. By participating in OSTC/EITC, our company is able to make a difference in our community and make a positive impact on the future. The process was simple and seamless. The one page application made applying for the tax credits incredibly simple. We are proud to have partnered with O’Hara in this endeavor and we encourage other businesses and corporations to do the same,”
-Joe Kelly, Treasurer EwingCole.
Businesses that have supported O’Hara through EITC/OSTC include:
  • Active Image
  • C. Caramanico and Sons, Inc.
  • DeFeo Associates, LLC
  • Ernest D. Menold
  • Essent Guaranty LLC
  • EwingCole
  • HSC Builders and Construction Managers
  • J & T Building Company
  • M. J. Bradley Company , Inc
  • Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation
  • Specialty Resources Inc.
  • Williamson, McVeigh & Alfano
Contact Jennifer M. Tuberosa P’19, Director of Institutional Advancement, to learn how your business can support O’Hara through EITC/OSTC funds. She can be reached at 610-544-3800 x1881 or

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