Thank you to the more than 150 alumni, parents, students, friends and faculty/staff that participated in our 2016 #GivingTuesday campaign. We raised $30,000 thanks to your generosity! There is still time to help O'Hara out in 2016.
Join your O'Hara family and participate in The O'Hara Fund.

Thank you to our generous supporters this Giving Tuesday:

Barb and Mario Bacchia, Past Parents
Kevin Barr ‘73
Amy Bauer ‘93
Marianne Belvick ‘79
Larry Blankemeyer ’74
Terri Borusiewicz, Faculty
Paul and Christina Graham ‘81 Boston     
Maureen Boyle, Parent
Aimee-Kate Braconnier ’06/Staff
Colin Bradley ’11
Margaret Bradley ‘83
Michael and Linda Bradley, Past Parents
Mickey Bradley ‘09
Dorothy Brown ’79
Kathy Bulley ‘92
Dan ’84 and Maureen Burns, Parents
Rosemarie Moran Bush ‘66
Denise Cairo ‘69
Rich Carlin ‘87
Vicky Cattafesta Allen ‘75
Greg and Maryanne Flicko Chestnut ‘79
Jim and Felicia Coffey, Parents
Mike and Michele Connor, Past Parents    
Jeanne Foti Cordes ‘74
Daniel and Suzanne Croce, Parents
Mike '94 and Nicole Culp, Parents
Michele DiPaolo D'Alessandro ‘85
Kathleen Damiri, Parent
Ann Datte ‘68
Kate Dennin ‘67
Marc DeRita ‘80
Stephen ’94 and Andrea DiArcangelo ’94 Devenney
Jim Dever ‘76
Michael Donahue, Staff
Michelle Soulas Donlan ’91, Parent
Fran and Mike Donohue, Parents
Derrick ’99 and Kristin Cipriotti ‘00 Dougherty  
Kevin and Michelle Durning, Parents
Rita Eburuoh, Parents
Marty  Farrell ‘84
Gerry ‘78 and Peg Conlin ’78 Feehery
Amy Foran ‘90
John and Margie Doherty ’82 Forbes
Casey ‘93 and Diane Fosbenner
Janet Foster, Parent
Michael ’95 and Allison Friel
Bob Gagliardi ‘69
Chip ’89 and Meghan Gallagher
Paige   Garman ‘12
Anne Iacono Gioia ‘83
Mark Govannicci ‘84
Milt and Laura ‘99 Greim
Brooke Haas, Parent
Maria Hagen, Parent
Rich Heffernan ‘87
John and Kristen Fetrow ‘01 Henry
Brian Herr ‘93
Gloria Hoffner           
BJ ’01 (Staff) and Stacee Hogan
Pat House ‘03
John Hoy ‘86
Nikele Jones, Parent
Cheryl Kazanjian ’84, Parent
John ’91 (Staff) and Lauren Sinclair ’92 Kederis
Tom Kehoe, Faculty
Marie Helmig Keith ’80, Parent
Tim ’83 and Clare McGrory ’93 Kelly, Parents
David (Faculty) and Theresa Kelly
John Kennedy ‘80
Patricia O’Mara Killeen ‘77
Duane and Patty Schumann ’77 Knecht
Jason Kuzmick ‘19
Charles Laughlin ‘73
Sharon LeSage, Parent
Chris Linaugh ‘70
Colleen Logan ‘14
Elizabeth Logan ‘16
Kathleen Logan ‘12
Thomas and Regina Logan, Parents
Gary and Theresa Dugan ’77 Lorentson
Daniel and Jennifer Lorenz, Parents
Jess Maciejewski, ‘15
Stephen Maciejewski ‘14
Steve ’71 and Donna Maciejewski
Joseph and Margaret Mack, Parents
Ed and Carolyn DiGiovanni ’80 Manning, Parents
Larry McAlee ‘82
Michele DiGregorio McAlee ’82
Michael ‘71 and Margaret McCaffery
Kathryn McCans, Parent
Jim McCarthy ‘70
Terrence ’71 and Cynthia McGeever         
Joe McGonigal ‘71
Breanne McGovern ’07
Sandy (Faculty) ’67 and Eileen McGrath  
Martin ‘90 and Deb Kean ‘90 Meenan
Peter ’73 and Kathe Harkins ’73 Morris
Guy and Dorothy Nardella ‘66
Bill Nihill ‘18
Barbara Nolan Cross ‘79     
Jennifer O'Brien Knotts ‘89
Michelle McCaffrey O'Hanlon ‘89
Ellen O'Hara (Faculty)
Christine O'Hare ‘10
Cindy and Brian O'Hare, Parents
M. Todd O'Neill ‘69
Kevin ‘ 79 and Patti Quinn ’81 O'Shea
Anthony Odorisio ‘67
Mike Paolucci ‘92
John Parente ‘82
Chris ‘85 and Beth DeVries ‘86 Pastore
Helen Campiglia Persing ‘76
Erin Crawford Peterson ‘98
Kathy  Plaugher, Parent
Christine Pagnini Powers ‘84
Nancy Sickles Quincy ‘84
John ‘88 and Annamarie Rachfalski          
Mary Jane Raymond
Edward Reagle, Parent
Andrea Branca Remolde ‘69
Maureen Ward Rennie ‘82
Michael Rodgers ‘84
Nancy Dougherty Roney ’91, Parent
Chris ’77 and Regina Ubaldi ’78 Rosen
Paul Rossi ‘84
Helen Haley Rullo ‘66
Nancy Kettinger Sabatino ‘71        
John and Leona Sawyer, Parents
Sister Lucy Schluth, Faculty
Chris and Lisa Schumm, Parents
Bernadette and Brian Shaughnessy, Parents
Bill and Kristen McCarthy ’90 Shaw, Parents
Francis and Teresa Meehan ’77 Shuda
Michael ’91 and Mary Nolan ‘93 Simpson, Parents
Stephanie Smith, Faculty
Brian ’66 and Jeannie Guiteras ’68 Smyth
Paul and Joanna DiBartolo ’71 Stearns
Kevin and Joanne Kokol ’89 Stewart, Parent
John Sweeney, Parent
Mark Switliski ’16
Deborah Taylor, Parent
Anne Gallagher Till ‘93
Maria Ardizzi Toner ‘89
George and Sharon Troilo, Parents
Mike and Jennifer (Staff) Tuberosa, Parents
Ed ’78 and Carolyn Tulskie
Jim ’83 and Colleen Tulskie
Mike ’89 and Eileen Murphy (Staff) ’89 Vice
Patrick Vogelei ‘92
Charles J. Waldecker III’ 71
Donna Kunberger Waters ‘73
Diane White ‘78
Rosemary White ‘73
John ’84 and Annamarie Whyte
Frank ’71 and Mary Williams
David Winter, Parent
Marge McCormick Wolski ‘67
Elaine Wright (Faculty)

Cardinal O’Hara High School