#GivingTuesday 2017 is officially in the books! We are pleased to announce that in just 24 hours 162 alumni, family and friends raised more than $25,165 and the gifts continue to pour in! THANK YOU!
What's more significant is that we had a tremendous amount of first time gifts from grandparents and recent graduates, including members of the Class of 2017. A list of donors can be found below.
We are grateful to everyone who supported us on Giving Tuesday and throughout the year. The O'Hara Fund helps us continue to offer a comprehensive education rooted in our Catholic faith.

You can still make a donation by visiting www.cohs.com/donate!

Thank you to the following:

Bob Adams
Courtney Algeo
Meghan Babcock
Barbara Bacchia
John Balz
Bob Barksdale
Kevin Barr
Amy Bauer
Jeff & Cathy Beck
Marianne Belvick
Thomas Biester
Joanne Bonsall
Christina & Paul Boston
Kimberly Boudwin
Nina Bowdler
Mary Boyle
Aimee-Kate Braconnier
Donna   Bucciarelli
Katherine Bulley
Patrick  Burke
Dan & Maureen Burns
Rosemarie Bush
Peter Campbell
Erin Carmanico
John Carmanico Jr
Laura Chaves
Maryanne & Greg Chestnut
Michael  Cincotta
Jill Coleman
Margaret Connolly
Fran Connor
John Conway
Joe & Mary Crawford
Sue Croce
Barbara Cross
Michael Culp
Joyce Curtis
Ann Datte
Michelle Donlan
Patricia Donnelly
Mike & Fran Donohue
Christine Doogan
Kevin Durning
Donna Crilley Farrell
Jim & Gina Farrell
Martin  Farrell
Anne Marie Finley
Margaret Fogerty
Jeanne Forti-Cordes
Casey Fosbenner
Mary Anne Gabuzda
Robert  Gagliardi
Julie Garling
Brian Giacobetti
Joan Giombetti
Mark & Susan Glessner
Bridget Grandieri
Francis  Gray
Kelly Gust
Marianne Hagen
Stephen Hagen
Dawn Helms
Marie Hendrixson
Barbara Henkels
Kristen  Henry
Meghan  Judge
Lauren & John Kederis
Constance  Kelly
John Kirby
John Klevence
Jennifer Knotts
Chally Laughlin
Patricia Lilly

Christine Linaugh
Megan  Loomis
Sofia LoSardo
Sister Lucy
Christine Lynch
Edward Manning
Benjamin Mansi
Lawrence McAlee
Michele McAlee
Stephen McAlee
Jessica McCarthy
Alyssa  McManus
Marty & Deb Meenan
Anna Menta
Tracey Methven
Jacqueline Miraglia
Bob Moran
Peter & Kathe Morris
John Motetteri
John Mulgrew
Dorothy & Guy Nardella
Maureen Nihill
Michael Novino
Anthony Odorisio
Michelle O'Hanlon
Christine O'Hare
Michael Paolucci
John Parente
Lorraine Parkinson
Carl Patrizio
Jude Pazulski
Moire Pellegrini
Helen Persing
Anne Quincy
Shannon Raazzone
John Rachfalski
Frank Rafferty
Kathleen Remy
John Riehl
Tracy Roberts
John Romano
Nancy Roney
Eileen Rooney
Christopher Rosen
Kellie Rutledge
Lisa Schoen
Shirley Schrader
Lisa Schumm
Christie Shaughnessy
Laura and Amanda Shaughnessy
Ryan Shaughnessy
David Shaw
Kristen  Shaw
Courtney Smith
Stephanie Smith
Jeannie  Smyth
Nick Squeri
Ryan Taylor
Colleen Tegler
Erin Thornton
Ginene Travia
Sharon & George Trolio
Katie Tuberosa
Mike and Jen Tuberosa
James Tulskie
John Verdi
Eileen Vice
Patrick Vogelei
Paul Wechslet
Linda Wert
Rob Wills
Tracey Witchko
Ryan & Natasha Wolski

Cardinal O’Hara High School