Welcome to the Cardinal O'Hara School Nurse Health Page.

Health services are provided by a Certified School Nurse of the Marple Newtown School District. The school nurse adheres to the District polices, see polices included on this site. The health service carries out state mandates and promotes healthy lifestyles.
The following are the state and local regulations that directly affect your child.

Marple Newtown Medication Policy.
All prescribed medication must be accompanied by a Marple Newtown medication form, signed by the physician and parent, and in its original container with the prescription label. A medication that is carried by the student must be accompanied by a self-carry form, the form and the policy are included on this site. No medication will be given without a completed form as per Marple Newtown policy.
The Public School Code of PA requires that all students entering 11 grade have a physical examination. The PA School Health physical form or the student's doctor's form, with the inclusion immunizations, is accepted. The PIAA form is no longer accepted due to the need for proof of recent immunizations. Physical examinations performed 1 year prior to start of the school year may be returned at that time but no later than first school day, 11th grade.

Students transferring from another state or country will need proof of a recent physical examination if the transferring school record does not meet the PA requirement.
Emergency Cards
Please complete this card when you receive it on the first day of school and return it the next day. Over-the-counter medication cannot be given without permission provided on the card. Acetaminophen, ibuprofen and Tums are available with

Requirements for the release of the sick student.
Students leaving from the health office require an adult listed on the emergency card to be transport home. The sick student may not drive home.

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