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Dear Parents & Student(s);
I would like to take the time to outline and hopefully answer questions concerning the point of sale (POS) system utilized in your school's cafeteria. There has been some confusion as to how this system works. Please read the following information  carefully, and if you have any questions that remain unanswered, please feel free to call the school food service office.

How QSP Works
QSP is a computerized debit system that will allow you to pay in advance for meal purchases. The system works with a twelve key PIN pad that is similar to an automated  teller machine (ATM). It will allow your son(s) or daughter(s) to enter their 8 digit personal identification number (PIN) to access their account. Your child's PIN is his or her Student ID Number that is provided  by the school and will remain the same throughout the remaining years your child is enrolled at the school. Please have him or her memorize this number. The PIN keypad will be located on the serving line. All students will have an established debit account, although you will not be required to make advanced payments because the system still has the ability to act as a cash register and can accept cash payments on a daily basis; however, he or she will need to enter their pin number for every transaction. NOTE:  Incoming  freshmen may not be available on the Pay For It Website until one week prior to the start of school.
The Benefits to You and Your Child
This debit system increases  the speed at which your child can get through the cafeteria line giving him or her more time to eat and enjoy breakfast and/or lunch. The system also allows us to print reports for you about what your child is purchasing.  Plus, if your child has a special dietary need, confidential notes can be added to his or her information so our cashiers know what he or she is or isn't allowed to purchase. With the ability for your child to have a debit account also comes the ability for you to pay for meals in advance. The options for advanced payment are as follows:
Advanced Payment Options
You can send CASH, A CERTIFIED CHECK, or a MONEY ORDER to your school's cafeteria via mail or your student can bring it directly to the school cafeteria. Cashiers will have pre-printed forms available to be used when making advanced payments. Your child(ren) can bring the form home for you to complete or you can have your child complete the form in the cafeteria.   Deposits must be made by 9:30 a.m. and will be available to your child immediately. We are no longer accepting non-certified personal checks.
We offer a convenient online lunch account management option through the web service PayForlt offers you a convenient way to make advanced payments, check your student's account  balance, and also monitor their purchases  from your home computer and/or mobile devices. An Internet Convenience Fee (ICF) of 5.75% will be listed separately for each Credit/Debit Card transaction made using the web sevice. There is a $1.75 Flat Fee for transactions made using electronic checks (ACH). The transaction fee is only charged when you use Pay For It (PFI) to make payments to your child'saccount. There is NO CHARGE for using PFI to obtain balance records, check purchases, or to sign up for the service.
There are three easy steps to follow to get started:

Step 1: Signing up for an account with Pay For It. The School District for your school is The Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Where it asks for the Payment method please choose either ACH-Archdiocese of Philadelphia, or CC/Debit Card-Archdiocese of Philadelphia.
Step 2: After you have signed up for Pay For It you will be sent a confirmation email. Go to the link in the email and enter the confirmation code to complete the setup of your account.
Step 3: Now that your account has been established you can now add your child to your account. You will need to know your student's Student ID #that is provided by the school to add them to your account. Please add the number 40 to the beginning of the student ID.
After you have added your student to your account you will be able to add money to their lunch account, and also view their purchase history. This information will show on your Pay For It homepage. It usually takes about 24-48 hrs for your students purchase history to sync to your account when you first add him/her to it. After this sync is complete the purchase history will be updated on a daily basis. Deposits made by midnight will be available the following day for breakfast and lunch.
Money will be automatically deducted as your child uses his or her account to make cafeteria purchases. There is no limit on the amount of money that can be deposited into a debit account. Utilizing this system also eliminates the need for your child to carry money for school meals, greatly increasing the speed at which he or she goes through the cafeteria line. Every student will enter his or her PIN number, thus insuring your child's privacy.
Additional Questions and Concerns
ARAMARK is the contracted cafeteria provider for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia High Schools. All questions regarding the POS system are to be directed to the ARAMARK supervisor only. The ARAMARK supervisor will be able to add money to all students' accounts and they will be able to refund balances should the student leave the school for any reason and upon graduation. The school office staff will not be able to accept or refund monies to students; this can only be done through the ARAMARK supervisor on staff. Parents can either pick up their refund at the school, or they can have it mailed directly to them. Balances for returning students will be carried over to the next school year. We highly recommend that you monitor the account balance as the school year comes to a close,to minimize the amount of money that is carried over. Monies may also be transferred to siblings or if your child transfers to another Archdiocesan High School.

Paul Paetow
General Manager- ARAMARK
Brian Morris
Food Service Director- ARAMARK
Sandy Williamson
Cafeteria Manager- ARAMARK

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  • Auto Refill Notice

    The auto refill feature for lunch accounts has been disabled for the summer. It will be turned on again in August.
    Please have any seniors with money on their account collect their refund before they graduate.
    The Pay For It phone support number is: 800-572-6642  Mon-Fri from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30
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