Value Comparison

The only way to truly measure the value of an authentically Catholic, timeless Classical education is to evaluate the arc of a student’s life after he or she has graduated.
The evaluation itself ought to be holistic. Meaning it should fairly include a graduate’s faith witness, family commitment, vocation or career achievements, and apostolic and community building contributions.
So it is too soon to evaluate Regina Academy and Chesterton Academy graduates from this perspective. But, as you will see under the Performance Page, it is not too soon to measure comparative educational value.
And the performance in national standardized tests of students who are being classically educated is considerably better than those being educated with alternative curriculums.
But even that is only a part of the story. When cost is considered, the value equation becomes even clearer.
Note in the table below that Regina Chesterton Academy at Cardinal O’Hara High School will cost significantly less than other private schools within its footprint.
Value Comparison
High School Tuition+/- vs. RCA
(1 year)
+/- vs. RCA
(4 years)
% Difference vs. RCA
Regina Chesterton Academy at O'Hara$9,100---
Academy of Notre Dame de Namur $21,372*+ $12,272 + $49,088+ 135%
Archbishop Carroll High School$11,345+ $2,245+ $8,980+ 25%
Country Day School of the Sacred Heart*$19,000 + $9,900 + $39,600+ 109%
Episcopal Academy$33,100 + $24,000 + $96,000+ 263%
Haverford School$37,500+ $28,400+ $113,600+ 312%
Malvern Prep $31,200+ $22,100+ $88,400+ 243%
St. Joseph's Prepatory School$22,300*+ $13,200+ $52,800+ 145%
Villa Maria Academy $21,150 + $12,050 + $48,200+ 132%
*Fees not included

Cardinal O’Hara High School