SAVE THE DATE: Our 2018 Hall of Fame weekend will be October 19-20, 2018. Details to come as we honor: Frank Fitzpatrick '67, Bob Moran '68, Mike Lyons '69, Mike Arizin '72, Colonel Rich Breen '73, Denise Dillon '92 and the 1982 Boys Champion Soccer Team.

Cardinal O’Hara High School established the Hall of Fame in 1974 to recognize the outstanding athletic achievements of O’Hara alumni. In 1997, O’Hara president Msgr. Joseph McFadden resurrected the Hall of Fame with the help of Alumni Association President Bob McCaffrey ’68 and expanded the honor to include professional achievement and community service.
In order to nominate an individual for the Cardinal O’Hara High School Hall of Fame, he/she must meet the following:

List of 5 items.

  • Eligibility

    Any member of the O’Hara community is eligible for nomination and induction into the Hall of Fame, including alumni, administration, faculty, and staff.
  • Criteria

    All nominees must demonstrate Catholic values that represent Cardinal O’Hara High School and its mission.
    Areas of recognition include
        • A respected leader in his/her profession.
        • Recognized accomplishments in business or academic circles.
        • Dedicated to Church, Community and/or School.
        • Dedication and commitment to Cardinal O’Hara’s mission through support of academic, athletic and extracurricular programs.
        • Recognized as having had a distinguished military career or accomplishments serving our country in the line of duty.
        • Recognized accomplishments in public service.
        • Recognized athletic accomplishments while a student at O’Hara. (All-State, All-American).
        • Recognized athletic accomplishments at the college or university levels (National Champion, All-Conference, All-American).
        • Professional or amateur achievements (professional athlete, national competitor, Olympic participant).
        • Recognized achievements in the performing arts or contributor to the promotion of cultural activities.
        • Administrator, Teacher or Coach
  • Waiting Period

    All nominees shall be eligible to enter the Hall of Fame upon five years from his/her graduation from Cardinal O’Hara High School.
  • Nominations

    Nominations for the Hall of Fame should be submitted using the online Nomination Form no later than September 1 for consideration in the coming year. The nomination form should state clearly how the candidate meets the criteria for selection. In addition to the form, the nominating person(s) should include supporting material that is thorough and pertinent to the selection criteria, such as resume, newspaper/magazine/web articles, reviews, published works, etc.
    Questions pertaining to the Cardinal O’Hara Hall of Fame may be directed to BJ Hogan, Director of Alumni Relations, at or 610.544.3800, extension 1894.
  • Selection Committee

    The Awards Selection Committee will consist of representatives from various O’Hara constituencies, including staff members, Board members, alumni and parents.
    The selection of each award recipient will be made by a consensus of the committee. If the committee feels strongly that more than one nominee is worthy of receiving an award, they may select more than one recipient in a category in any given year.
    The Selection Committee reserves the right to carry over non-selected nominations to subsequent years.
Nominations should be submitted to Cardinal O’Hara High School no later than September 1 for consideration. Award recipients will be notified three months in advance of the Hall of Fame Induction Honor. Acceptance into the Hall of Fame will be contingent on his/her ability to attend the Induction Ceremony. The annual Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is a ticketed event in late January. Anyone wishing to honor the inductees is invited to attend the event.

The Cardinal O'Hara High School Hall of Fame
Inducted 1974
Mark Bernardino ’70
Don Clune ’70
Thomas Ingelsby ’69

Inducted 1976
Patrick Burke ’67

Inducted 1977
Michael McCaffrey’71
Helen Nicholas ’73

Inducted 1985
Gerald Feehery ’78

Inducted 1986
Carol Larkin ’70

Inducted 1987
Letitia Huntzman ’82

Inducted 1988
Joseph Hazinsky ’68

Inducted 1996
Thomas Murphy ’68
Steven Jones ’80

Inducted 1997
Albert Berardacco ’78
Martin Farrell ’84
Brian Melly ’74
Maryann Nespoli Faculty
Jennifer Rupnick ’83
Bill Adolph ’67
Sean Sullivan ’82
Virginia O’Donnell Cole ’76

Inducted 1998
Alvin Clay ’75
Marty Cull ’81
Mimi Coleman Devine ’80
Robert Judge ’75
Robert McCaffrey ’68
Dr. Francis Sutter ’68

Inducted 1999
Robert Carroll ’75
Mark Cordes ’74
Dr. Corrine Lowe Leach ’72
Most Rev. Michael Burbidge ’75
Gerald Smith ’73

Inducted 2000
Thomas Killion ’75
Dr. Rachelle Lanciano ’76
Sr. Charlotte M. Smolik ’69
Ed Dougherty ’88
Steven Gillon ’74

Inducted 2001
Dr. Richard Donze '70
Ray Offenheiser ’67
Diane Schnepp ’85
Robert McGowan ’71
Joan Dawson McConnon ’77
Inducted 2002
Roland Eavey ’67
Louis DiCocco ’79
Stephen DiPietro ’66
Sharon Gallen ’81
Lt. Gen. Ronald Kadish ’66
Rev. Msgr. Joseph McFadden, President

Inducted 2003
Dr. Daniel Curran ’68
Joseph Sestak ’70
Michael Caramanico ’71
Constance Cannon ’76
Jennifer Quigley Cipollone ’90
Rita Spellman, Faculty

Inducted 2004
Stephen Finley ’74
Joseph Crawford ’69
Jane Rudolph Treacy ’80
John Williamson ’71
Christine Donahue Doogan ’98

Inducted 2005
John Caramanico ’74
Marsie Homan Heil ’91
Michael Callahan ’77
Michael Connor ’85
John Castle, Faculty

Inducted 2006
Michael Galantino ’78
Dr. Guy Nardella ’66
Rev. Thomas Higgins ’72
Mike Brown ’75
Kathleen O’Leary ’93
Robert Ewing, Coach

Inducted 2007
Art Condodina ’85
Joseph Hackett ’77
Larry Mullin ’80
Mary Lou Galantino ’78
Kathleen O’Donnell Pfeffer ’73

Inducted 2008
Robert Adams ’78
Donna Crilley Farrell ’82
Barbara Rolls McCaffrey ’68
Rev. Msgr. Joseph Marino ’66
Robert Woods ’73
Mary Gene Woods ’74
Tony Naab ’71

Inducted 2009
Col. Dennis Cunniffe ’81
Dr. Richard Lackman ’69
Mr. Kevin Jones ’01
Mr. William Clark ’70
Sr. M. Margaret Fleming, IHM ’67
Mr. Timothy Chambers ’81
Inducted 2010
Eileen Dougherty Censullo ’86
H. Edward Hanway ’70
Ann Marie Simmons Kalloz ’72
John Kincade ’82
Alice Lindsay Veitz ’78
Rev. Msgr. Louis A. D’Addezio, Faculty

Inducted 2011
Kathleen Sprows Cummings ’89
Rev. Mark Hushen, OSFS ’77
Steven Fisher ’86
Lt. Col. Lawrence Mellon, III ’78
Dr. Gerry Foti ’83
Leo Broadhurst, Faculty

Inducted 2012
Joseph F. Brinker ’84
Michelle Gallen Leonard ’79
Rev. Robert P. Hagan, OSA ’83
David Pacitti ’84
Jack Whelan ’78
Kathleen (Kay) Sestak Faculty

Inducted 2013
Christopher J. Burke, Esq. ’93
Sr. Karen Scheer, RSM, MD ’84
Gene Mele, Ph.D. ’68
Joseph Romano, Ph.D. ’78
Joseph Casey ’74
Coach Jim Purcell, Honorary

Inducted 2014
John McFadden ’67
Francis “Buddy” Martin ’68
Rev. John Rock, SJ ’68
Kevin Barr ’73
Gloria Hoffner ’73
Gerard Ferro ’77
Trish Juhline ’99
Harrison “Bud” Gardler, Honorary
George Stratts, Honorary
The 1973 Championship Football Team
John Miller ’67 (posthumously)
Charles McGrath ’66 (posthumously)
James McCaffrey ’66 (posthumously)

Inducted 2015
Thomas Beeman ’71
Dennis Buchanan '74
Joan Doyle '74
Kevin McCaffrey '77
Larry McKenna '69
Tom Hennessey '69 (posthumously)
Fran VanKirk '67
The 1968 Championship Basketball Team

Inducted 2017
Kristen Clement Blue '97
John Feehery M.D. '79
Dan Keating '67
Dr. William J. McCusker, Honorary
Marybeth Sprows '92
Theresa Welsh M.D. '75
Dave White '79
The 1967 Girls Championship Basketball Team

Cardinal O’Hara High School