Performing Arts

Cardinal O'Hara Theatre Program

Cardinal O’Hara has a great tradition of live theatre for many years. The theatre program welcomes all students interested in performing arts, whether you are just stepping on the stage for the first time or you have been involved with performing arts for many years. Each year, students perform two full musicals, one in the fall and one in the spring. Through a student's participation in the performing arts at Cardinal O’Hara, students will strengthen their performance skills through acting, singing and dancing. As a member of the theatre program at Cardinal O’Hara, students not only grow as a performer but make countless lifelong memories on and off the stage throughout their high school journey. Students interested in performing arts and the musicals at Cardinal O’Hara but prefer to be behind the scenes are more than welcome and encouraged to join Stage Crew.
Music Man

Harold Hill: Ryan Garvey

Marian Paroo: Maureen O’Reilly

Mrs. Paroo: Katie Tuberosa

Mayor Shinn: Jacob Babcock

Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn: Olivia Wick

Marcellus: Andrew McCarthy

Ewart Dunlop: Gavin Lewis

Jacey Squires: Paul Giacomucci

Olin Britt: Elijah Babcock

Oliver Hix: Ryan Cox

Charlie Cowell: Sean Mack

Alma Hix: Ava Foster

Maud Dunlop: Alex Carbin

Ethel Toffelmier: Keira Bauer 

Mrs. Squires: Molly Evert

Zaneeta Shinn: Claire Gower

Tommy Djilas: Declan Pennese

Gracie Shinn: Shannon Daly

Constable Locke: Gerard Gallagher


Pick-a-Little Ladies & Wells Fargo Soloists: 

Julia Brandon, Anne Brown, Grace Curry, Haley Garecht, Abby Griswold, Claire Hannigan, Emma Hoffman, Julia Wilson


Amaryllis: Helana Babcock

Winthrop: Sean Curry

Salesmen (Rock Island Soloists): Will Donnelly, Gerard Gallagher, Johnnie Hughes, Nicholas Smith

Dancers: Ginny Bastian, Mia Baroni, Haley Begany, Emily Bright, Mia Evans, Erin Gillin, Michelle Fasbinder, Chelsea Obi, Carly Strain, Nicole Strain, Dora Tomko

Townspeople: Jada Burton, Annie Curry, Abigail Lyon, Margaret Lyon, Faith Shuter, Hannah Walkowiak


Man #1 (Act II, Scene 6 & 7, Finale): Johnnie Hughes

Man #2 (Act I, Scene 5, Act II, Scene 6 & 7, Finale): Will Donnelly


Questions? Contact Mrs. Mooney at or Mr. Brac at

The Show Must Go On!

Written by Katie Tuberosa '21

There is nothing more exciting for a Cardinal O’Hara CAPPIES critic than sitting in a darkened theatre waiting for a show to begin. Whether it’s a play or musical, there’s something special about viewing, discussing, and writing about theatre with people that are equally as passionate about it from high schools all across the region. Unfortunately, the pandemic caused the 2020-2021 GPC CAPPIES season to be cancelled and live theatre has had to make drastic adjustments in order for the show to go on. However, under the direction of Mr. David Kelly, the O’Hara CAPPIES critics have managed to find a way to preserve the magic of live theatre, even if they are viewing it from the comfort and safety of a screen.

In a typical year, four to six students from each participating school are trained as GPC CAPPIES critics and attend various high school shows. They discuss the performances, write reviews, and submit them to a committee to be selected for publication. At the end of the year, CAPPIES student critics decide who among their peer performers and technicians should be recognized for awards at the annual gala. Students that are involved in CAPPIES range from dedicated performers, masterful stage crew members, creative writers, and even students who simply love to experience shows. “I got involved with CAPPIES after it was recommended by a friend, and it quickly became one of my favorite clubs. I love writing and theatre, so it really was a perfect fit,” reflects senior critic, Haley Begany. Once a critic sees a show for the first time after training, he or she will never be able to watch a show the same way again due to the skills a critic learns through the program.

In the fall, the CAPPIES Season was set to begin in January, leaving almost a whole semester with no experience for the critics. However, Mr. Kelly came up with an idea to prepare returning and recruit new critics for the season ahead. “I chose old O’Hara shows to view for a couple of reasons. One, I have the DVDs! Also, having Zoom meetings allows the experienced CAPPIES critics to share their knowledge about critically watching a show.” By discussing the shows during intermission, writing mock reviews, and “voting” for favorite performers and technicians at the end of each show, Mr. Kelly managed to hone returning critics’ writing skills while introducing new critics to this unique style of writing. Being able to keep the magic of theater alive through Zoom has allowed the team to discover a whole new theater experience. Sophomore Bode Ojulari is thankful for the flexibility this program has to offer in our current situation. “I can watch the O’Hara shows from anywhere and still receive the same experience. I really enjoyed this semester in CAPPIES.” 

The critics have viewed a total of four O’Hara shows including Beauty and the Beast, The Drowsy Chaperone, Mary Poppins, and Curtains. For each show, the critics submitted a review providing background information about the show, their opinions of the actors, actresses, and technicians’ performances mixed with constructive criticism and quotes from the show and fun puns. Regarding the reviews, Mr. Kelly comments, “I am so glad that students have responded in a positive way to learn about constructively viewing productions of shows. They also have demonstrated how to be positive and celebrate these shows from the past.” 

The cancellation of the 2020-2021 CAPPIES Season left our senior team members feeling deflated. “Although I was extremely saddened by the news of the status of the CAPPIES season this year, I am still thankful that I had the opportunity to be part of something so special here at O’Hara,” comments senior lead critic, Katie Tuberosa, who has been part of this organization since freshman year. “I am also thankful that Mr. Kelly’s diligent work has allowed us to retain some aspects of a ‘typical’ season.” Fellow senior, Theresa Haas, agrees, “With such an unusual year, CAPPIES has been the only club I’ve been a part of that brought a kind of normalcy back. Still being able to get together and discuss something we all enjoy has brought great joy to me during this time.” 

“I believe that the first half of the COHS virtual CAPPIES semester has been a success all around,” adds Katie Tuberosa, “I cannot wait to see what the last part of my final CAPPIES ‘season’ has in store for us.” However, the critics cannot wait until it is possible to see and converse with fellow critics and mentors about the joys of live high school theater. “I am very much looking forward to a shared experience with a live audience where performers return to their roles on stage. I’m excited to discuss the show with other CAPPIES critics,” exclaims freshman Emily Bright on behalf of the underclassmen.

Although there may not be GPC Cappie Award winners this year, O’Hara has selected their “Cappie Award winners” for their first semester by voting for the winner of a category among their favorites in each show. Be sure to check out the video revealing the winners for this semester (especially our alumni that may have been honored)! “I hope that our theater alumni will be able to enjoy the memories that they created for all of us,” states Mr. Kelly. As always, any interested students are welcome to “attend” the shows in January. Check O’Hara Theatre’s social media, the Performing Arts page at, or email Mr. Kelly for more information!


Become a Part of the Performing Arts at Cardinal O'Hara!

Performing Arts Opportunities

"My advice for future COHS students is to find something YOU love, not something you think will make you seem cool, or something you're pushed to do, but something YOU truly enjoy. The shows provide so many opportunities for involvement, from being a cast member, to taking part in crew to create the beautiful sets, to marketing the shows. Sports are amazing, but I believe the shows create a feeling of family unique from any sport".
- Anne B, Class of 2021
"My advice for future COHS students is to be yourself and to not be afraid of being who you are. Also, work super hard and accomplish what needs to be done to achieve a successful run of every production you participate in at COHS."
- Johnnie H, Class of 2022
"I am a part of Performing Arts at COHS because my whole life I had a passion for dance and this was a way I wanted to try to express it. Performing Arts at COHS has given me a love for other forms of performing arts that I was never able to experience before."
- Mia B, Class of 2021