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Why do CSC?

Testimonials from the CSC Leaders:

“CSC has not only taught me to be thankful for my countless amount of blessings in life, but to share them with others for the good of all.”

  • Gavin Lewis

“CSC is an opportunity for every student to experience God’s love through the people in the community around us. Everyday we participate in Christ’s ministry by helping those who need it the most. Personally, CSC has strengthened my Catholic values and brought forth a new sense of thankfulness for all of the wonderful gifts in my life.”

  • Theresa Arata

“CSC is an incredibly meaningful experience that has taught me how to truly live out my faith in the service to others.”

  • David Saunders

“CSC has let me make friends and get involved on and off campus. It's allowed me to make a difference in my community and deepened my faith through service.”

  • Katie Till

“Through the Community Service Corps, the Cardinal O’Hara community serves both the needs of our local and international community. CSC has taught me to be both conscious of the needs of those around me and to do as much as I can to alleviate their suffering. I have gained much more from doing service through CSC than I have ever gave and I hope to continue to do so after my time at O’Hara.”

  • Jen Eburuoh