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Lenten Offerings

Lent 2019


“Lent is Season for renewing our encounter with Christ living in his word, in his Sacraments, and in our Neighbors.”

                                    – Pope Francis

Living in His Word – Prayer

            Lunch Time Prayers Services

            Daily Prayer Walk – Different Lunch period every day Monday through Thursday

            Eucharistic Adoration – Every Friday during Lent (No Lunch Time Prayer Service)


Living in the Sacraments

            Easter Liturgy – Wednesday April 17th

            Schoolwide Confession – April 10th

            Eucharistic Adoration – Every Friday during Lent


Living in our Neighbor

  • Operation Rice Bowl– We come together to practice prayer, fasting and almsgiving—and by doing so we help lift families and communities out of poverty and put them on a path toward resilience, prosperity and stability. That’s the CRS Rice Bowl effect.


  • Empty Bowls Program– Fighting Hunger One Bowl at a Time

The Cardinal O’Hara community joins together in a program to raise money to feed the homeless in local communities. One day a week during Lent, the students and staff are asked to donate their lunch money - $5.00 – and to join together for a ‘homeless lunch’ – soup, roll, granola bar, bottle of water – in the Ministry Office. Participants have the option of keeping their EMPTY BOWL as a reminder that there are millions of hungry people throughout the world.

  • LenTON Food Drive– The Hibernian Hunger Project (HHP) is a charitable function of the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH). Our goal is simple, to help and feed the needy in our own communities.
  • CAC
  • Tuesdays: MEN – BOLD Series:God has empowered guys to live a life of boldness—in their faith, with their words, to share the truth, and through prayer. Because our God is so powerful, young men who follow Christ can—and must—live boldly in the world.
  • Thursdays: WOMEN –DREAM BIG Series:Dreaming big isn't about the perfect job or a glamorous life “some day.” Dreaming big starts now. When girls are secure in who Christ made them to be and believe in what God can do in and through them, they will grow in confidence, create community, and accomplish great things.