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Summer Reflection from Father John...



           When I was in the Seminary before every break or holiday you could hear the cliché: “There is no vacation from your Vocation”. As tired of hearing the over used saying as I was it did its job to help me remember that just because I was leaving the seminary for a vacation I was not leaving my relationship with God and how he was calling me to live. 


           Summer is a great chance to relax, spend time with family and friends, see new places, and get to the shore. It is also a great chance to use some of that extra time to strengthen our relationship with Christ. Just because there is no Theology Class and we are not starting the day together with the prayer and pledge does not mean God is not calling us to spend time with him. Just 1% of a day is 15 minutes. Can you give 1% of your day to answer God calling you into friendship with Him? Maybe by reading a good book or scriptures, praying a decade of the rosary or to the saints, even simply having a conversation using your own words. Time alone with God is very important but as we grow in our relationship with him we even see Him in the new beautiful places, while relaxing on the beach, and in catching up with friends and family. Those are the moments to see God in and thank him for. Building a relationship with God is not only about the quiet isolated times but recognizing him in our daily lives. Remember: “there is no vacation from our relationship with God and how he is calling us to live.” 



Please know of my prayers for each of you.


God Bless,

Father John


Daily Prayers

Every morning before we start the school day, we pray together for the intentions of our students, staff and community. If you have an intention please send an email to

Daily Mass

The Sacrifice of the Mass is offered daily at 7:15 a.m. in the chapel. Everyone in the O'Hara community is invited and encouraged to participate.

All School Mass

The Eucharistic is the center of our Catholic Identity. We gather as a school once a month to celebrate Mass together and worship the Lord in song and prayer.

Penance Services and Confession

School wide penance services are held four times a year for our students, faculty and staff. Local pastors and parochial vicars from the Archdiocese join our own priests to offer the sacrament at these services. The school minister is also available at any time to hear confessions.

Class Retreats

Retreats are offered once a year for every class. They are designed to give students the opportunity to renew their relationship with God and deepen their faith through meaningful talks, prayer, song, and silence.

Altar Serving and Lector Training

Students are encouraged to participate in school liturgies by becoming lectors and altar servers. Students may sign up in the Campus Ministry Office. Training will be provided.

Eucharistic Adoration

Twice a year we have special weeks where we offer the students a chance to adore Christ in the Eucharist.

Campus Ministry Office

Father John Masson

Director of Campus Ministry