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The O'Hara Fund

The Cardinal O'Hara Fund
Your support of Cardinal O'Hara is vital to our continued success now and well into the future. We are most grateful to all of the alumni, parents, corporations, friends, grandparents and others who continue to support us as we fulfill our mission to develop graduates of character, competence and confidence who are prepared to lead in this world and live forever in the next. 

March 25: This year at COHS, we celebrate 55 Years of Pride, Excellence and Tradition. Today, we are officially 55 days away from our Annual Day of Giving, which will take place on May 15th. As we prepare for this day, you will hear from students and members of our school community highlighting our pride, excellence and tradition. Be sure to follow along as we celebrate our school community and our #Lions4Life

March 26: Lion Pride is essential to our school's success. At Cardinal O'Hara we do everything to the very best of our ability. We take pride in our mission and our vision for all of the students, faculty, and administration. We take pride in our school especially through all that we do each and every day as long as we are wearing the O'Hara crest. 

March 27: Cardinal O'Hara, celebrating 55 years this school year, focuses on excellence in academics, ministry, Catholic identity, athletics, activities and beyond. Our vision is to serve as a national Catholic leader in the education, spiritual formation and leadership development of young people. We celebrate our pride, excellence and tradition as a #Lion4Life today and always.

March 28: "Tradition is a word that holds great importance to O'Hara students, parents, families and alumni. Through our annual events and our unity as a community, we continue to build a legacy for the future lions of COHS. Pride, excellence and tradition in all that we do."

March 29: "In every aspect of life, faith comes first in all that we do. Here at Cardinal O’Hara the focus on our Catholic faith is encouraged by the faculty, staff, and administration everyday. Through monthly school liturgies, daily masses every morning, class retreats, clubs, and much more, our faith is enhanced each and everyday at Cardinal O’Hara."

March 30: “Athletics at O'Hara are more than just sports; our teams are family. Everyone treats each other with respect. All of my teammates are extremely positive and supportive. I wouldn't be the same without the great influence of my teammates pushing me to do better.”

March 31: "The performing arts aspects of O'Hara are certainly expanding! We have spectacular shows involving the cast, crew, and pit. New this year to O'Hara are The Chesterton Players, who are performing a Shakespeare play later this year, and a Tri-M Music Honors society which celebrates students who are excelling in music and academics."

April 1: "The Regina Chesterton Academy is a program at Cardinal O’Hara with a central focus on the classical learning curriculum, which not only teaches students what to think but also how to think! Directed by Mr. Youngblood, the RCA is a tight-knit family and offers a wonderful curriculum to learn." 

April 2: "The Cardinal O’Hara band is full of some of our most energetic and talented students in the school. The band not only plays for the school but also for themselves. It is a way for students to express themselves at O’Hara and share their skills with the community. We have a lot of pride for our band, as they always bring their best to their performances and blow the crowd away!"

April 3: At O’Hara, our students have the opportunity to participate in the National Merit Scholarship Program. The mission of National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) is to recognize and honor the academically talented students of the United States. This year, Thomas Haas was recognized as a National Merit Commended Student.

April 4: "Football is one of the backbones of the O’Hara community. For the team, you spend countless hours together a week and form a bond. For the O’Hara community, it provides an opportunity to get together and root on the Lions!"

April 5: We are proud that so many of our alumni go on to serve the United States Military in one of the many branches that protect our country. In the past 7 years, O’Hara has had 15 graduates commit their service to our country. Countless others have gone on to join their universities ROTC program. Thank you to the many alumni who continue to make our O’Hara community so proud. 

April 6: "Big Buddy is a club in which high school students travel to local grade schools to mentor second graders in the Catholic faith. This helps to improve their knowledge of the faith as they prepare to receive their First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion." Nicole DeDonatis

April 7: "The science department at O’Hara is full of dedicated teachers who strive to make a difference in the lives of their students. They inspire us students to consider complex questions about the world around us. As many of my peers consider a medical career in the future, we are grateful to receive such a dutiful preparation for our futures through the science department." -Jen Eburuoh

April 8: "Being on the volleyball team at Cardinal O’Hara has played a major part in my high school experience. It is where I met many of my close friends, and has helped me gain self confidence. I have loved being able to play such a fun sport and make lots of amazing memories at the same time." 

April 9: "We have an exceptional math department at O'Hara that has allowed me to excel in my learning experiences.  With great teachers and a curriculum advancing as high as AP Calculus BC, the math department has greatly helped me gain a much deeper understanding of and further pursue my interest in mathematics and its variety of applications." - David Saunders, 2020

April 10: "The rugby team is a small group of diverse and talented students from Cardinal O'Hara. We come together as the rugby family and have as much fun as we can every practice, game, and tournament." 

April 11: Soccer - Since my freshman year, soccer has helped me become a better team mate and has introduced me to friends that I will have for life. Soccer has helped all involve develop skills such as dribbling and passing, but more importantly it has taught us how to work together. The boys and girls soccer teams have nearly 100 players and top notch coaches that look forward to a great 2019 season this fall!


April 12: Color guard is a combination of the use of flags, rifles, dance and other equipment. Students can have fun while dancing and learning choreography to all different types of music. March and perform to the rhythm of catchy music while developing skills in both dance and build your own presence!


April 13: At O’Hara we presently have 24 Maguire Scholars, 13 Neumann Scholars, and 11 Connelly Foundation Scholars. These scholarships from the Maguire and Connelly Foundations assist high-achieving students with their high school tuition and give students an opportunity to thrive in their high school environment. As a Neumann Scholar, I can honestly say that the generosity of the Connelly Foundation has benefited me in so many ways, such as giving the other Neumann Scholars and myself opportunities to visit and participate in programs at colleges such as Notre Dame during our years in highschool. - Dora Tomko, Class of 2022


April 14: I am proud to be a part of the lacrosse program at Cardinal O’Hara. My teammates and I come together on the turf not only to work hard at improving our game but also to support each other. We are proud to be Lions and are determined to show that on the field. The memories and friendships we share will remain a big part of my O'Hara experience.

April 15: In the two years I've been at Ohara, I've had the honor to have some of the best teachers in the social studies department: Sister Lucy and Mrs. Mushrush. Both have had a meaningful impact on the person I am today. Even though I've learned a lot in each of their classes, the thing that makes them such phenomenal teachers is they make class enjoyable and fun! Both are incredibly passionate about teaching and will do anything to help their students. With your donations, we can continue to have excellent teachers in the social studies department.

April 16: O’Hara swimming is a dedicated and hard-working group of kids. Students who love the sport or anyone looking to make new friends help make up a competitive, caring family.

April 17: The World Languages Department at O’Hara is thriving, with Latin and Spanish available to the student body. The department contains teachers who have a great love for their subject and develop in the students an thorough appreciation for the language and culture they are studying.

April 18: O’Hara has a fantastic yearbook club, Coeur de Lion! It allows for students to collaborate, express their creativity, and highlight the year’s best moments. Through your fundraising efforts, we can continue to keep the yearbook club thriving.

April 22: The National Honors Society is the top 50 students in the junior and senior class. Through the NHS, under the guidance of the amazing Sister Lucy, we give back and serve the community in many different ways. From the Homecoming Dance, Christmas candy grams, to tutoring, the NHS is constantly working to help in any way possible.

April 23: I was on the freshmen team this year for Ohara. I had a good experience and I expanded my basketball knowledge and skills by a lot. I am glad that I got a chance to play basketball on a high school level with a coach and program that was there to help me learn and become a better player.