O'Hara Spotlight


Gianna Coffey ’19, Elena Coffey ’21 and Monica Coffey ’22 are back in the same school and their smiles and laughter say it all. 


The Coffey girls are in the O’Hara Spotlight this week! In an interview, the three of them shared the highlights of going to school together once again. The last time they were in the same school was when they all attended Regina Angelorum Academy. “It is even fun to be back in the car together in the morning since we are all going to the same place,” said Gianna. The girls smiled as they explained their dynamics as sisters. “I was able to look up to Gianna as a freshman and now, being a sophomore, Monica is looking up to me,” reflected Elena.


The girls are quickly finding the convenience of being in the same school as well. Monica laughed as she shared what could have been a minor catastrophe that morning. “Elena was able to let me borrow her calculator today because I forgot mine!” Monica later shared that when she attended Regina Angelorum, she had classes with Elena, but never with Gianna. All three of them are currently in the same Latin class at O’Hara.  They also have been able to encourage each other in their studies. “Gianna has helped me tremendously with Algebra II at night when I am doing my homework,” shared Monica. One of the biggest draws for Monica is the Regina Chesterton program at O’Hara.


Keep a lookout for the Coffey girls in the halls of COHS. Their enthusiasm and excitement for the 2018-2019 academic year is infectious.  When asked why others should come to O’Hara their answers were unanimous. “The faith is strong, the teachers are excellent and the overall O’Hara life is great.”


They are our spotlight for the week and we could not be more proud to share that each of them can call themselves a #Lion4Life