O'Hara Happenings- 9/19/18

O'Hara Happenings
Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Thank you to our dedicated student section at the football games! Your enthusiasm is infectious and is a great motivator for our O'Hara Lions!
Coming Up!
9/20- Opening Liturgy 9:00am
9/26- Back to School Night 6pm
9/27- No School for Students
9/27- PACAC Regional College Fair Penn State Brandywine 6:30-8:00 
Know any current 6th, 7th or 8th graders? Encourage them to come to our Open House on Sunday, 10/14 from 1:00 - 3:30. We would love for them to experience O'Hara Pride, Excellence and Tradition for themselves!
We are thrilled to announce the opening of our BRAND NEW school store. The store opens on September 26th and will have brand new items and apparel for sale.
Update from Academics and Guidance
Academic Office-
From Mrs. Diane Casey...
At this point in the game, all students should be settling into classes. They should have the class syllabus and be acclimating to teacher expectations. If you have any questions about a class or teacher, please email the teacher. I am a firm believer in addressing the situation with the person involved. 
Students should be doing homework every night. They should have written work and reading to go along with the class lesson. Please inquire about his/her day. They are never too old or responsible to not have someone say, "Did you do your homework??"
PowerSchool is still a work in progress, but the benefits will soon outweigh the frustration of learning something new. Please ask your child for the Parent Sign In information. It makes life easier if you sign up and allow PS to send you weekly reminders of how your child is progressing.
Thank you for your patience and for sending your child to Cardinal O’Hara High School.
Guidance Office-
Yesterday, many of our students spoke with representatives from the University of Pittsburgh as well as Bloomsburg University during a college visit.
Update from Student Affairs
Update from Student Services
Please be sure to see the student services page on the website for reminders about dress code and the overall school handbook. Click here
Procedures for Absence Lateness & Early Dismissals
A parent/guardian must call 610-328-0200 or 610-328-0201 before 10:30 a.m. the day of your student's absence and give the student's name and specific reason for the absence. If there is NO phone call, the absence will be regarded as Truancy.
An absence card is due in the MAIN OFFICE THE DAY YOU RETURN. Failure to do so will result in demerits. One demerit will be given for each day the card is late. Any day school is in session and you are absent, an absence card is required regardless of the reason. Even if you have a doctor's note, an absent note signed by a parent/guardian is still required. (Please attach the absent note to the doctor's note.) Extra absence cards are available in the Main Office.
NO PHONE CALLS OR WALK-INS FOR EARLY DISMISSAL WILL BE ACCEPTED. Requests must be in writing. Requests are to be submitted to the Main Office before homeroom. The person picking up the student must report to the Main Office to sign the student out. If the student is driving, permission from the parent must be included in the letter.
Please send in the white emergency card TOMORROW if you have not done so already. No student can be treated unless the card has been given to the nurse.
Updates from Advancement and Alumni
Volunteer at O'Hara: Calling All Parents
Our Mothers' and Fathers' Clubs are once again inviting parents to volunteer at O'Hara this year. Our volunteers are a treasured group and help us make a difference here at O'Hara. We need volunteers during the day (in offices and in the new bookstore), at events (Open House, Mentor program, etc.) and for our ever-popular Teacher Appreciation during Thankful Thursdays.
Please consider volunteering this year. Details and a registration form can be found here: https://goo.gl/forms/c5l0JSsgHZtJG3Ly2.
Calling All Student Leaders!
Want to make a difference, have fun and volunteer? Apply to be a Lion Ambassador...
The O'Hara Lion Ambassador program, just like other school ambassador programs, is a great way for students to become involved, serve their school and meet other students. Lion Ambassadors are an integral part of the Admissions and Advancement teams here at O'Hara. You can find full details about being a Lion Ambassador by visiting https://goo.gl/forms/dBbjZDsk3jeylHmO2.
Hurry! The deadline to apply is TONIGHT at midnight. No late applications will be accepted. (Application is in the link above.)
Questions can be directed to a Lion Ambassador officer, Mrs. Bauer (Admissions) or Mrs. Tuberosa (Advancement).
The Cardinal O’Hara Golf Classic, hosted by the Cardinal O’Hara Alumni Association and played in memory of Bob McCaffrey ’68, the association’s founder and first president, brings O’Hara friends, families, and alumni together for a great day of golf and camaraderie to support the school. This year’s Classic will again be at Llanerch Country Club, a jewel of the Philadelphia area. Proceeds from the Golf Classic will finance the Alumni Legacy Scholarship Fund for students attending Cardinal O'Hara High School. Your support is truly appreciated.
Aramark Updates
We are no longer using the previous student numbers. All students and parents need to use the 6 digit power school number to put money on account.
Ministry Updates
Kairos sign-ups took place this morning. If you missed it or have any questions, contact Father John at JMasson@cohs.com
Athletics Updates
Tuition Updates
By this point, every family should have accessed its account on the new FACTS Management website and have made several payments. Please contact Denise Todd in the Finance Office with any questions or concerns.
A reminder to all seniors and their parents, transcripts cannot be sent with college applications unless your FACTS account is current within one month.
Please be consistent with your scheduled FACTS payments. If you miss a payment or pay after the grace period, accounts will be assessed a $20 monthly late fee that cannot be waived. 
Contact DTodd@cohs.com with any questions
"A world of opportunity awaits you at Cardinal O'Hara High School."
-Katie Till '20
Cardinal O'Hara High School
Celebrating 55 Years