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Fan Behavior at Athletic Events

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia in partnership with the Philadelphia Catholic League and the PIAA (Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association), strive to promote the ideals of body, mind, and spirit through athletic competition.  Athletics help us teach the benefits of hard work, team work, dedication, and commitment.  They serve as a compliment to the lessons of the classroom.

We hope that the entire student body can participate in the process of athletic competition, whether as a competitor or spectator.  As a coach has rules and expectations for his or her team, so should there be rules and expectations for fans and spectators.  While most of us know right from wrong and good behavior from bad, it is important from time to time to remind ourselves of these expectations.

No spectator, specifically students, should participate, encourage or lead cheers or chants which serve to embarrass, demoralize, or “make-fun-of” another person, player, coach, team, and or school. These actions can be viewed as slanderous.  Any participation in that type of activity will be deemed harassment and improper behavior. 

Those guilty of this behavior will be escorted from the facility; their parent/guardian will be contacted, and repercussions will follow.  Repercussions may include exclusion from all future social or extra-curricular events, or worse, possibly expulsion from school.  Further, no student should use social media to taunt or harass other persons here or at other schools.  Using media in this manner is a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy.

There will be no tolerance for calculated actions and inappropriate cheering or gestures.

Cardinal O'Hara reserves the right to refuse entrance to any spectator if attempting to bring banned substances onto the school property, suspected to be under - or found under  - the influence of drugs or alcohol, or exhibiting disruptive or inappropriate behavior as outlined by our fan behavior guidelines. 

Students of Cardinal O'Hara represent the school.  Your parents sacrifice much to send you here.  We expect you to represent this school and your parents in a positive manner.  We want you to attend as many school events as possible.  We want you to enjoy these events.  We want you to be passionate about your school, but we want you to do it in a manner consistent with the Catholic Ideals of this institution.

Cardinal O'Hara reserves the right to ask any spectator to leave if found violating our fan behavior guidelines or banned substances policies.


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