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Vincent Toner



A) 3 Test + Notebook Grade  = 60% of Quarter Grade

B) Lab Reports = 40% of Grade

                1) Have a week to do the report

                2) If lab is handed in early, It will be checked for mistakes, and returned. The student will be able

                    to make corrections with no point deduction.

                3) 10 point deduction every day the report is late.

                4) Lab reports can be typed or hand written.

C) Notebook Grade: Starts at a score of 100

      1)  Missed Assignment a 10 point deduction

                       2)  Late Assignment a 5 point deduction

                        3) Notes not copied a 10 point deduction and Parents or Guardian notified.

D) If all assignments and lab reports are done student cannot receive a grade less than 70.




Explanation of Assignment Category in Grade Connect

Assignment category in Grade connect will show which assignments

 are complete, late, or not done by the following:

     2 = complete and on time

     1 = late

     0 = not done

B) The points deducted for late and missed assignments are deducted on the

     “Homework Grade”.   10 points for a missed assignment, and 5 points for

    a late assignment.