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Home and School Association

Edited and Abridged for posting

March 14, 2012

  • Opening Prayer
  • Welcome of members and attendees
  • Summary of old Business
  • Rear Parking lot directional signage / painting is to be reviewed as weather allows.  

Maintenance will be looking at this now that it is nice weather

  • February Meeting minutes posted
  • Fashion Show updates – Linda to report.  Michele will be unavailable to be co-chair for next year.  Bill will be looking into getting a replacement.  Donna will continue to take care of reservations.

Michele prepared a binder template for the Fashion Show.  Wrap up meeting will be held.

Some feedback was that not as many students participated as well as many dropped out during the rehearsals.  Bill requested from Dr. McCusker to be permitted to reserve Springfield Country Club for next year.  This year’s reservation and deposit were done June 1, 2011.

O’Hara used to do 4 year reunions at Drexelbrook.  Springfield Country Club is getting increased business due to three out of the four reunions are being held there.  This year’s Jr class size is approximately 20-30 students larger.

  Expense reimbursement request

  • Tuition assistance
  • Faucet replacement

The above items have been paid.

  • Administration updates:
  • Dr McCusker: 
  • Archdiocesan Parish Campaign

Archdiocese is attempting to help fill the gap in delayed registrations.   O’Hara is currently approximately 70 students behind where they were this time last year.  Registrations are still coming in.  There are currently no projections for amount of students as well as teachers.  

Archdiocese is suggesting that families are at each parish mass this weekend March 17 and March 18.

Dr. McCusker has selected 33 parishes in which to be covered over the weekend.  Realistically, we cannot cover all the masses.  They have determined the most attended masses at the parishes.  Literature is currently being printed.  The auxiliary bishop has contacted the Pastors of the parishes via letter to welcome O’Hara in their Parishes.  The literature has been proofed and should be ready by Friday.   If they are not available they would be ready and waiting in the cafeteria on Saturday.   A fourth open house will be held on Thursday, March 22, 2012 at 7 PM. 

Grassroots Effort for Opportunity Scholarship (Voucher)

  • Email sent to Alumni Association and the Home and School.  They are asking each school to provide parent captains on behalf of their high school.  Bill has sent out this email to recruit captains.

Mane Event – looking for homeroom collections again this year.  They will do two collections in the homeroom asking each student to contribute $1.00 each time.  The homeroom with the largest collection will win a breakfast prepared by the Administration.   Second place will receive donuts and juice in Homeroom.

Mrs. Guyger has announced that there will be an evacuation drill.  There will also be a drill to be prepared in event of a hurricane, flood or disaster  Survival 101 is scheduled for 4/19.  This will be for the entire school. 

They would like to prepare a mock drill.  Mrs. Guyger sought a  volunteer to help her and Bill has agreed.  They would like to get involved with the insurance companies.  They would start planning in September and the event would be held in April, 2013.

Bill has pamphlets on texting while driving, which Mrs. Guyger will review before deciding to distribute. 

They are now off on Easter Monday.  They will now also be an in service day which will be the Friday before Memorial Day.  They will be conducting an in service for teachers and on bullying.

There is not a sophomore retreat on April 13.

Registration is the end of March. 

Alumni Carnival is coming up.

  • New Business
  • Emails from Parents  - -  
  • Why does our school have the highest fee from registration? ( not to mention the increased student fee ($450 underclass, $650 seniors)     COHS - $230 – after 4/1 - $256          B/P – $56 new - $81 returning          Carroll- $131 new, returning $231          West – 81 until 3/31, $106 after          Wood - $116, returning - None

When we list our fees comparatively, our fees appear as one fee where as other schools list each item individually. 

How can we communicate that in the end, the perception is skewed.Bill would like to tag this information for distribution to market O’Hara equally. Add on the website that they need to compare on the website to the other schools.          

Bill would like to tag this information for distribution to market O’Hara equally. Add on the website that they need to compare on the website to the other schools.  

  • SAT session update (Addressed directly with this parent off-line)

Are they going to offer and SAT program at the school?  Counseling office has information

  • School bus for after school activity (Addressed directly via email)

Ms. Rogai responded to this parent.  It is a school district issue as O’Hara is not responsible for this. 

  We were anticipating over 1650 students total and all projections for the budget are based on that number.   Budget is due March 26.  They need to anticipate what the enrollment will be and plan accordingly.


School Reach

It has been taken under advisement and has been reviewed for vote.  It has been agreed that Home and School Association will pay for the School Reach program for the 2012 – 2013 school year. 

  •  Archdiocesan updates on school merger  
  • Open items:
    • Assembly for April / May, Defensive Driving offered by Pa State Trooper McGuire - confirmed
    • Mane Event H & S donation – Home and school has agreed to give a donation of $500.00 or will purchase a gift for donation.
  • Concussion Testing info / review – Angel has sent information to Bill –The cost for the test would be nominal with Dicks sporting Goods sponsoring this testing.  Testing is computer based; it is done by a company named Impact.  They can do it right from home on their own computer. 


  • Treasurer Report

Fashion Show results Net Income was $19,290.73.  Balance as of February 29, 2012 is 53,463.40 two outstanding checks which will clear in March. 

  • Routine business
  • Fashion show review
  • Closing

Meeting was adjourned at 8:59 pm. 



edited and Abridged for posting

February 8, 2012

Opening Prayer

Welcome of members and attendees

Summary of Old Business

                Rear parking lot directional signage / painting is requested, especially along the curve.  When weather is nicer, maintenance will look into repainting directional arrows.

Administration Updates:

Mrs. Guyger attended

Open house is scheduled for Thursday, February 16, 2012.  It is open to 7thand 8thgrade students.  No set date for announcement of appeals.  Will have students available to go on individual tours with the families.

 Discussed a uniform exchange swap.  Seniors will have an opportunity to win a prom ticket for donating their sweater.  The Seniors last day to wear their sweaters is April 15. 

Report cards were sent out today.  Renaissance day is next Monday.  It was noted about the missing of people for the lanyards.

Reward for selling tickets is an excused absence.  Students will receive a colored paper for eligibility.  The chance drive drawing will be February 10, 2012.

School Reach – It will allow phone messages to be sent.  Mrs. Rogai will be the only access to send out messages.  It can also send out mass emails. Emails for sports teams, fashion show, The liason for this area is available to come and make a presentation.    It would be used for chance drive, home and school, emergency reasons.  The company sets up all the initial entry.  It has a cost of $2.25 per student.  Home and School will read over and we will discuss at March meeting.   

Mrs. Guyger will be at the March meeting to answer any questions.

Jr. and Sr. will have pre prom assembly from State Trooper McGuire on April 19.  She will speak about texting and driving.  The majority will be about the driver and will also discuss the responsibility of the passenger. 

New Business

                Fashion Show Ticket sale updates

162 sold for lunch 360 sold for dinner.  Tickets are being sold until the day of the show February 19.  Cost is $45.00 per ticket.  $650 sponsor  donations received. 

Dr. McCusker has asked for reimbursement from the H & S  for faucets, tuition reimbursement ($5,500.00) - this was agreed to by the previous year's H&S Committee.  The third check will be for SchoolReach. 

Archdiocesan updates on school merger / closing

Meeting minutes (12/14/11) have been posted to website.

Open Items:

Need to confirm an assembly for April / May, Defensive Driving offered by PA State Trooper McGuire.

Treasurer Report

Starting balance was 28,699.29 as of December 31, 2011.

Back to school night additional deposit.

Fashion Show deposit to be made.

44,957.53 balance as of January 31, 2012.

Additional checks of approximately $10,000.00+ to be deposited.

Next meeting to be March 14, 2012.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.




Abridged / edited Meeting minutes for posting

Cardinal O’Hara High School Home and School Association                                                                          

  December 14, 2011                                                                                                                                                     

 Updated January 9, 2012



Welcome of members and attendees

Summary of Old Business

                New carpet was laid in the conference room.  No update on the room across the hall.

Career Day follow-up – Will be held.  Now being handled by the Counselor’s Office.  Scheduled for February 4th.  If you are interested in speaking to the children about a career topic please contact Monica Lapp at CHOS    

Administration Updates:

Mr. Allen attended

                New teacher hire and surprise resignation in September.  Full staff is in place.  Two teachers are leaving in January. Mr. Allen offered a non-COHS related website to assist with certain topics:

O’Hara family Christmas has been scheduled.

The yearbook sale has been made available thru next Wednesday; December 21, 2011.  There will be a supplement available for the first time this year.  Supplement will arrive in the summertime.  It will contain everything that was not covered from March thru the end of the year.  It will contain the proms, spring sports, graduation.  Bill will send out a blast email to encourage students to purchase them.  Only a few extra will be ordered.  The seniors will get their name engraved for free when ordering. 

No public knowledge available as to when decisions will be made throughout the archdiocese.    All decisions are coming from the Blue Ribbon Panel.  There will be parish mergers, closings, grade school and high school mergers and closures.  Announcement should be out in early January, 2012.  Universal Visitation day is going to be January 19, 2012.  Open house to be held in February, 2012.

New Business

                Fashion Show Updates - Fashion show is in full swing.  There are approximately 145 students involved.  They have started practicing.  They have all committee volunteers needed.  In January, they will be reaching out for volunteers for security. 

Emails from Parents

                H & S email list is now up to 750+ addresses that are legitimate emails. 

                The rear parking lot needs directional signage, painted is requested, especially along the curve.  Mr. Allen will check with maintenance to see if new lines / arrows can be painted 

                The Home and School meeting minutes were posted on the website. 

Website review and updates

New Business:

Website review and updates – Daily announcements / calendar changes / etc   


Need ideas for a topic to have at the school for April / May timeframe.   Ideas were drinking, drugs and texting while driving.   Look into Casey Feldman’s family.  Look into the State Police to see if they offer any lectures.     If there are any suggestions, please email Bill.   Addressing the recent rise in teen suicides nationally was also a topic that was brought up.   Mr. Allen emphasized that there are resources available in the counseling center.

Verizon Velocity has a fundraiser where once the school is signed up, every person who signs up would raise a specific amount for the school.  This would need to be run by Dr. McCusker and it would be his decision whether to proceed.

The craft fair dates have been moved to March 17 and March 18.  This is the same as the Springfield parade. 

Treasurer Report

No in or outs for the month of November.  No deposits have been made for the fashion show yet.  As the ticket money is being received, they are dated and seating is on a first come basis.  Only addition to the account was for interest.  Account balance is $28,430.11 as of October 31, 2011.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:06 pm.





Meeting minutes November 9, 2011

"Truncated for ease of posting"



Cardinal O’Hara High School

Home and School Association

November 9, 2011

Opening Prayer

Welcome of new members and attendees

Bill McGinnis – President introduced new school board members

                Katie Innes – Vice President

                Cathy Santangelo – Hospitality

                Angela Cervella -

                Kathy Dill – Secretary

                Linda Whalen – Treasurer

                Lisa McGinnis                    

Summary of Old Business

                Refurbishment of conference room is pending; possible to switch conference room with room across the hall.  Waiting for a bid for flooring.

                Use of the new room for the president’s reception; would allow room for larger meetings, have asked for a smartboard and electric to enable to show information during  meetings.   Technology portion is being done at the end of November.  Flooring to be completed by Thanksgiving.   Ms. Rogai estimates anytime after November for completion.

Smartboards are issued via funding from ACT 1 / ACT 195.  We were given 9 more sets of netbooks over the summer.   Two sets are being used by the Science department and the other is being used as signout.  Nine of thirteen have been distributed.  Four are waiting to be imaged.

                Financial Support from H & S to COHS update:  It was confirmed a check for $5,500.00 for tuition was submitted by 2010-2011 Home and School Association. 

Administration updates

One teacher resigned the end of September.  There are two other teachers on leave.  Substitutes have been hired and will start next week which is the start of the second quarter.   

School Reach is used in other schools.  It has a flat fee cost per student.  Depending on the services chosen, the cost could range from $2.00 to $4.00.  They are looking into this to be implemented by December 31.  Due to the design of the previous website, all email information has been lost.  They are trying to get a new way for communication to be sent either via email, text or phone.  Item will be kept on the table for further discussion.

The Blue Ribbon Report should be out prior to 1/10/12. Administration believes the announcement will be on 1/5/12.   Administration is preparing for possible scenarios.  We have 1400 students now enrolled. 

New Business

                Fashion Show Updates  - Nancy Lamb is making the reservations.  Seniors do the show.  They bring in Boscov’s and Zinni’s.  Cost is $45.00 per person.  Two seatings for Dinner.  Date is 2/19/12.  Committee is actively looking for volunteers.  Next meeting is December 3.  It is the biggest Home & School fundraiser.  They have tombola prizes, if anyone knows any business that is willing to get donations.   Over 140 children are already signed up for the fashion show.  It involves, show people, athletes, and anyone who wants to help.  All the proceeds are put back into the school.

Emails from Parents

                Grade Connect usage update – As a part of the new contract, the teachers will be held accountable as soon as the new policies are issued and signed off by the teachers

Some parents have emailed Bill that some teachers have seen no information in Grade Connect.  Mrs. Rogai recommended that the parents email either Mrs. Rogai or Dr. Roshbach.

Another parent concern was:

Used Book “trade-in / sale to upcoming classes” – try to coordinate .  Linda recommended to go to .  Also a suggestion was made, that at the end of the year, to arrange a uniform swap.   They held a raffle when the seniors were done with their sweaters, when they turned in their sweater, they got a chance to win a ticket to the prom.    Resales of sweaters are in Mrs. Geigers office.  It is best to arrange for a visit to the school during the summer months in order to purchase used uniforms at a significant discount. 

WebSite review and updates – Daily announcements / calendar changes / etc   

                Great job has been done on the Website.  Daily announcements are much improved.  Calendar Changes print the pages.   There is a way to print the calendar as a list of events.  The new website allows you to sort the calendar based on what your interest is.  Mrs. Rogai will get instructions on how to print as a list.  College day was held during second period.  A group from Catholic Colleges appeared.

                Open Discussion

  • What items should be posted on the website?  After discussion it was decided to post the meeting minutes, but the H & S would like to stress the need for parents to continue to attend the monthly meetings 
  • It has been decided that we work on updating a mission statement and by laws.  Bill will try to get information from other high schools on what their statement and by laws are.
  • Career Day – Is not going to be sponsored by the Home and School this year.  Fred Amrein is not going to be doing this anymore.  Katie Innes will check the minutes and get back to us.  Mrs. Rogai is wanting this to get going due to the person taking it over is pregnant and is due in February.
  • Movie Day – Received a warm reception.  “Race to the Top”.  However, it has been decided to shelf it for now.
  • Students want to do a movie night.  They want to have pizza, soda and watch the movie Elf on the big screen.  They will pick a date.  All profits would benefit operation Santa.
  • School events sponsored by Home and School.  Looking for an idea of something to do for the spring.  Heroin Alert has been here doing classes this week and next for all health classes.   Kathleen Geiger has found some potential speakers.   One suggestion was Casey Feldman whose parents speak out on people distracted driving.  Bill will follow up on this information. 
  • Bill is putting out the call for volunteers for the O’Hara fair.  Volunteers are needed.  Alumni also helps out.   Complaints received that food prices were too high last year   
  • The Mane Event.  The event is held the day after the Junior Prom.  Great night where all the money raised goes back into the school.  They are trying to grow this event so that this is the largest of fund raising events.    
  • Questions on if the field lights are here - -   They have been delivered.   The field lights were delivered for free last week. Lights are pre-wired.   Cement needs to be poured, electricity needs to be run, the school is reluctant to have night games until they have separate stands.  Marple Newtown offered their old stands to us, but we were unable to take them due to their not being a back on the stands.  Insurance would not cover due to this.   After the lights are up, the next item would be to get the stands.  There was a goal post delivered last year that the football team is able to use for practice.  They would like the area behind the new stands to be utilized for the goal post. The lights can continue without the stands being installed, however, no night games will be played until the stand issue is addressed.

Jim Arnold and Dr. McCusker deal with the stadium issues.

  • The concrete lion was taken off the stadium last year.  The stadium is not locked, because the community has the right to use the track due to the state funding provided.  Our grant states it must be accessible 24 hours. 
  • Multiple parents brought up the issue of changes in cheerleading squads  - -   Updated information post the November H & S meeting:    After continued  / ongoing discussion between parents and administration, there is to be a meeting between representatives of the cheerleading parents and Dr McCusker on December 16th.

Treasurer Report

Proceeds from 2011 show was $23k+

Linda is new and money that was brought in was approx. $3,900.  That helps to offset the costs of the tombola prizes for the Fashion Show.  Funds are still on hand for the conference room.  

Meeting was adjourned at 9:06 pm.