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Linus McGinty

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Teacher:  Mr. McGinty


Class:   Algebra 2 and Algebra 1



Course Goals

Mastery of the following: signed numbers, equations, graphing, word problems, factoring, inequalities and rational expressions. Also, increased reasoning skills and increased competency with calculators and computers

**Khan academy has excellent videos of all algebra1 and 2 lessons.  It also has SAT review available.

Materials Needed

Pen, pencils, notebooks for every quarter, TI 84 calculator (needed everyday), textbook

Class Procedures

  1. do review of previous day’s homework
  2. collect and check homework
  3. introduce new topics
  4. assign homework
  5. use calculators-TI 84 in realistic problem solving

Student Responsibilities

  1. spend 15 to 20 minutes on homework and studying
  2. keep all tests
  3. memorize material
  4. bring proper materials to class each day
  5.  juniors can use for exercises and for tutoring

Testing and Grading

  1. 4 or 5 tests each quarter
  2. review work is given on day before test
  3.  1st and 2nd quarters cumulative test will be give in 2nd quarter. End of year test will be in computer for freshmen and juniors. Test will be based on common core standards of Pennsylvania. 
  4. grade is the average of all the tests minus points for missing assignments or failure to bring proper materials to class
  5. student needs to maintain an 80 to stay in the present track
  6. failure warning will be given to all students who have the possibility of a failure

PSAT –Given to all underclass students in October

SAT—should be taken by seniors in September

Juniors should start preparing to choose a college and begin work on choosing a career


2.      sat -online course is good practice for the sat tests

      3. I NEED A good site for practice SAT tests.

      4 . General tutoring is available through me, the intermediate unit and student council


       6. **The Khan Academy on-line has excellent lessons on every level of math.