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Patricia Hicks

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Mrs. Hicks                                            Algebra 1 Track 2

Room 330                                            Algebra 1 Track 3

2015-2016                                           Algebra 2 Track 2



1.         Required supplies:  “marble” copybook, covered textbook, folder, loose-leaf paper, pencils, highlighter, and graphing calculator (TI-84)                                                                         

2.         Extra Help:  2:30-3:10 p.m. room 330.  Days will be posted on the board in the classroom, usually Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  Students are especially encouraged to get extra help following absences, as well as before tests. Also, tutoring is available during the school day through the National Honor Society and through the Delaware County Intermediate Unit.

3.         Parents may contact Mrs. Hicks by e-mail: or by sending in a note. E-mail messages will generally be returned within one or two days.  When using e-mail, please use the student’s name as the “subject.”  Students should generally refrain from e-mailing the teacher.

4.         Quarter grades will be calculated using a point system.

a.       Tests and Quizzes (about 2/3 of the grade).   Expect 3 tests each quarter plus quizzes.  Major tests are worth 100 points.  Other tests and quizzes are usually 50 points or 25 points.  All tests and quizzes are to be corrected and kept for the entire year.

b.         Homework: Daily assignments must be done on time and in pencil, with proper work and corrections.  Usually every 8 assignments together will be worth a 25-point “homework” grade.   “Homework” grades will also include some class work.

c.         Copybooks will be graded using an open-book quiz, as well as points for neatness, accuracy, highlighting, and use of pencil only.  The copybook grade is usually 50 points each quarter.

                                d.          Projects will count 20% or less of the quarter grade.

5.         Direct adjustments to quarter grades.  These adjustments are made at the end of the quarter:   

a.         Preparedness:  paper, pencil, calculator, covered textbook, etc.   +1 to –4 points

                                b.         Participation:  +3 to –1 points (includes inappropriate talking)

6.         The first and second semester grades are each worth 45% of the final grade.  The June exam is 10% of the final           grade. 70 is the lowest passing grade.

7.         Calculators are to be used on assignments and tests only when specifically   instructed.

8.         To monitor student progress, both students and their parents should register with GradeConnect.  Updates and corrections will be entered weekly.  Be aware that adjustments are made at the end of the quarter for both participation and preparedness.  This can raise quarter grades by as much as 4 points or lower them by up to 5 points.

9.         Progress Report forms are available through the counseling center.  These can be used as often as every week or two.  It is the student’s responsibility to pick up the form and to request each of their teachers to complete it.      

10.       Absences: Tests and quizzes are usually taken on day of return.  It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements with the teacher.  Class notes need to be copied from a classmate within two days.  Assignments should be submitted within 2 school days, but students may request more time for longer absences.  Assignments will be posted on GradeConnect and teacher page.

11.       Late Assignments: When students are not absent, late assignments must be submitted by the next day, for partial credit.  No credit will be given, if an assignment is more than 1 day late.                   

12.       The following may result in a zero:  cheating, improper test conduct, copying homework, allowing someone to copy your work, etc.

13.       Private detentions:  24 hours notice is given.  Students are expected to inform their parents and make transportation arrangements.  If there are compelling reasons to reschedule the detention, a parental note detailing the situation must be submitted before the detention is missed.  Otherwise, demerits will be issued for cutting the detention.         

14.       Poor conduct will result in such things as:  private detentions, phone calls to parents, demerits, etc.  Private detentions may also be given for such things as missing, late, or poorly done assignments, excessive use of the hall pass, or for being unprepared.

15.       Students are encouraged to do a thorough job on all assignments.  Homework and copybook grades generally reflect day-to-day effort.