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Educational Media Center

Educational Media Center


Monday to Thursday- 7:40 to 3:00
Friday- 7:40 to 2:15

The EMC, which includes the three floors of the library, is a place for students and faculty to read, research and use technology. All books may be borrowed from the EMC.

Reference books circulate overnight. All other books circulate for a three (3) week period. Periodicals do not circulate.

Students must use their I.D. cards to charge books from the EMC.

Late return of books causes a fine of five (5) cents per day.  Reference books returned late will cost one (1) dollar a day.  Students must pay the cost of a lost book. If the book is found, the amount will be refunded.

The EMC has one of the largest collections in the Secondary School System of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, and has an expanding base of computerized information, all available for student reference and research. Photocopies may be made in the ITC at ten (10) cents per page. Suggestions for purchase of new books and periodicals are welcome.

In order to facilitate use of our collections and protect them, students must observe the circulation procedures and security measures. Everyone must enter and leave by the main entrance to the EMC on the third floor. All other exits are to be used only in case of emergency. Violations of the security measures will be considered as major disciplinary infractions.

The EMC has been computerized. All materials and all patrons will have a specific bar code label and number, and these numbers will be used to check out materials from the ITC. Detailed explanations in this procedure are provided by the EMC Co-coordinator.

The Educational Media Center has three computer areas. The Mezzanine Lab which has a complete lab of iMacs, the computer area on the main floor which also has iMacs, and the iMac lab on the main floor which features iMacs. The Mezzanine Lab and the iMac lab are available for teachers to reserve for class use.



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