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Harrison Gardler

Harrison Gardler

Novels for the 2013-2014 School Year:

A Separate Peace

Julius Caesar


Boy's Life

The Ring of McAllister

Silent Night


Also note that we do a lot of SAT prep work in class, including a word of the day, sentence correction, pages from SAT prep books, and SAT practice essays.


 Course Profile

Sophomore English


Bud Gardler

Room 202

610-544-3800 (1121)

M-W-F 2:30-4:30


Things you will need:


  1. 5-division notebook/per semester to be used every day
  2. Vocabulary Book-every Friday
  3. State books must be covered
  4. Pen
  5. Homework-every night - about 20 to 30 minutes per night-literature on loose-leaf to be handed in and grammar in notebook
  6. SAT-word every day in context sentence and problem
  7. Journal  - 5 to 7 minutes every day
  8. SAT question (sentence completion, error analysis) etc.
  9. Technology-online Literature Book


First Semester

 10-day cycle-World Literature

  1. Short Stories -2 days/discussion
  2. Paragraph and composition work - writing- 2days-SAT essays
  3. Grammar-punctuation - usage- 2 days
  4. Novel discussion - 2 days
  5. Vocabulary - every Friday- 2 days


World Literature

Approximately 1000 SAT words

15 Short stories/semester

10 poems

15 Chapter Review/usage-Grammar

4 Novels/1st

A Separate Peace by John Knowles

Julius Caesar by Shakespeare

Silent Night


4 Novels/2nd - SAT Novel

4 types of writing

3-5 tests per quarter

6-10 quizzes

Missed Homework - 1 point off grade after 5 misses - 2 points off and SAT essays



 Continued - Vocab 4-6

                         Julius Caesar

                         Literature Vol. II

                         Grammar Review

                         Silent Night Novel

Writing - 2 Essays