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Denise Donofrio

Contact Information:

Welcome back!  smiley Vocabulary books will be distributed in class, and we will begin using them in class immediately.  Thank you.

My Philosophy

Learning should be fun!  I believe strongly that while my students learn from me, I too learn from my students.  Come in with a great attitude, ready to work hard, laugh a lot, get involved in class discussions, and learn every day.


Freshman, Track 2 Syllabus (distributed in class)

Junior, Track 1 Syllabus (distributed in class)

Creative Writing/Film as Visual Lit Syllabus (distributed in class)

Please Note:  Any student who does not satisfactorily complete the requirements of ELA I, ELA III, or Creative Writing/Film as Visual Literature course at the end of the year, will not be permitted to move to the next grade (Freshmen and Juniors) or graduate (Seniors) until the course is made up through Educere at the cost of the parent.

Classroom Expectations and Goals

Classroom Expectations and Goals (distributed in class)

Technology Help

Tech Sheet (distributed in class)

Parent Guide to Edmodo (follow intstructions to access your student's progess on Edmodo)

Online Text Sign Up Instructions

Period 2

Period 5

Period 7


Freshman Summer Reading Project--Due: Monday, October 5


Creative Writing Assignments


Due:  by 6:00 pm on September 27 to Turnitin and to Bulbapp--Foundation Short Story--Type in MLA format for Turnitin.  Feel free to be creative when turning in to Bulbapp.  Grading for this assignment will be for grammar/usage/mechanics only.

Test and Quiz Information

Periods 1, 2, 5--Oct. 1--Vocab Quiz, Unit 1.  Please study pronunciation (accent marks), parts of speech, definitions, synonyms and antonyms.

Period 7--Oct. 1--Vocab Quiz, Unit 1.  Please study pronunciation (accent marks), parts of speech, definitions, synonyms and antonyms.

Periods1, 2, 5--Oct. 12--Literature test on "The Interlopers."

Period 7--Oct. 12--Literature test on the three Origin Myths and the Native American history.


PLEASE NOTE:  Any homework assignment that is not turned in ontime, must be shown to me in class. No late assignments should be emailed to me or uploaded to Edmodo.

Period 6--Due: by your class period on Oct. 1--Read every short story from our class on bulbapp, then write a reflection on the story you like the most and explain why.  Upload your reflection to Edmodo using Google docs, PDF, or type directly on the site.

Periods 1, 2, 5--Due: by your class period on Oct. 7--Write a well unified and coherent paragraph using any five (5) words from Unit 2 vocabulary.  Paragraph must be a minimum of seven (7) sentences.  Identify the vocabulary words used by underlining, highlighting, or typing in all caps.  Upload to Edmodo using Googledocs, PDF, or type directly on the site.

Period 6--Due: by your class period on Oct. 9--Record and transcribe a conversation to focus on dialogue.  Your transcription of the conversation must be typed and shared with me via Google Drive.

Period 6--Due: by your class period on Oct. 8--Read pgs. 131-133 in text.  Then, make a list of 10 one sentence, one action.  Upload to Edmodo using Googledocs, PDF, or type directly on the site.

Archived Homework


SAT Essay Scoring Guide Class passwords and IDs


Blogging Information Sheet (distributed in class)

All posts must be completed by 6:00 pm the Thursday after the video is shown in class.  For example, if a video was shown on Friday, December 2, your post is due by 6:00 pm on Thursday, December 8.

Freshman Blog link

Junior Blog link

Please be aware that it is your responsibility to check your post each week to see that it has been accepted and posted on the blog.  If it has not been accepted and posted in a timely manner, relevant to the date you submitted it, then there is an issue with it in terms of format or content as discussed in class. 

You can always update your post and resubmit it for approval, provided you get it in by the due date. 

Romeo and Juliet Link

Macbeth Link

Junior Research Paper Topics

Research Topics

Junior Research Paper--Helpful Links

Online libraries to help with research:

Outline Presentation from Class

Evaluating Web Pages (video shown in class)

What is an Annotated Bibliography?

Annotated Bibliography Example

Annotated Bibliography Example (Excellent resource for FORMAT)

How to Outline

Types of Outlines and Sample Outlines

MLA Citation

Easy Reference for MLA Citation (Scroll down page for examples)

Format of Research Paper  DO NOT USE SECTION HEADINGS

Works Cited Format


Paranthetical Citations/In-Text Citations

--PSAT Review Booklet link--