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Health-Physical Education Department




Physical Education is one phase of school work that lends itself to the development of character and fair play.  Opportunities to give, to take, and to cooperate with one another are numerous.  Classes provide the ideal setting for developing the Christian values of fair play and cooperation regardless of ability level.

Health education gives the students an opportunity to realize their responsibility to make their lives meaningful by respecting their mind and body as a precious gift from God.

The basic goal of Health Education is to give the student a basic knowledge of health related problems and try to equip the student with the resources to cope with these problems not only now but in their adult lives as well.

812 Physical Education        3 ppc  .50 cr.  Tr. 2  Gr. 10

Instruction is given in the skills needed to participate in the major team sports as well as individual sports.  The National Presidential Physical Fitness test is administered at the beginning of each year.  Top students in the testing program are recognized at the Sophomore Award Assembly.

2 semesters

822 Health            3 ppc  .50 cr.  Tr. 2  Gr. 10

Physical fitness, nutrition, emotional behavior, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, communicable and chronic disease, and human reproduction are the topics covered by lecture and discussion.

2 semesters

821 Perspectives in Nutrition   6 ppc  0.50 cr. Tr. 1 Gr. 11-12

Course Description:  Perspectives in Nutrition is an introductory nutrition course appropriate for students considering careers in any health science discipline. This student-focused course presents the major concepts in nutrition including the body's use of food nutrients and diet planning throughout the life cycle. The text places special emphasis on the application of nutrition principles in everyday life by exploring the health consequences of nutrition practices. 

Organization of the course may include, but is not limited to;
Nutrition Basics
Body Systems
The Energy- Yielding Nutrients
The Vitamins and Minerals
Energy Production and Energy Balance
Nutrition Applications in the Life Cycle
Putting Nutrition Knowledge into Practice
                                                                                                                                                                                                               1 semester