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Fine Arts Department


The Fine Arts Department offers courses in art and music. The goal of the program is to develop interests in the cultural areas.  The development of aesthetic sensitivity and artistic values  is considered a necessary component of each student's spiritual and social education.

712 Art I Foundation         6 ppc  1.00 cr.  Tr. 2 Gr. 9-11

Art I is an introduction that explores the basic Elements of Art.  Various artists and cultures that demonstrate each element is also studied.  Students will also become acquainted with a variety of media and techniques.  Projects will include basic drawing, painting, collage, and design.  Grades are based on class performance, class projects and home assignments.

Prerequisites: Acceptable portfolio and permission of the department.

2 semesters

721 Art II Design          6 ppc  1.00 cr.  Tr. 1 Gr. 10-12

A major portion of Art II will focus on 2 dimensional design: how to make a flat surface communicate effectively.  Many projects are based on an exploration of the major Principles of Design.  The course will involve a variety of media and techniques, and will build on concepts from Art I.  Students will continue to develop their drawing skills as they complete more challenging assignments.  The influence of various artists and styles will also be explored.  Grades are based on class performance, class projects, and home assignments.

Prerequisites: Entry into Art II is determined by class performance and homework grades in Art I. Places will be assigned to the applicants with the highest grades in these areas.

2 semesters

731 Art III Portfolio         6 ppc  1.00 cr.  Tr. 1 Gr. 11-12

The goal of this course is to complete a portfolio which would be presentable to a professional art school.  Projects will build upon concepts and skills learned in Art I and II. Students will explore a variety of drawing and painting materials and techniques, and will be asked to work on a more advanced level.  Assignments will include more challenging projects in observation and design, and will focus on conceptual art and image-making.  Students will work 2-dimensionally, and 3-dimensionally.  The techniques and concepts of influential artists/cultures are explored in some projects.  Major units of study include acrylic painting, advanced drawing, basic sculpture, conceptual art, design/advertising.  Grades are based on class and home assignments, as well as preparation and planning.

Prerequisites:  Two summer assignments, successful completion of Art II (class performance and homework grades), and approval of the art department.

2 semesters

741 Art IV Advanced Art      6 ppc  1.00 cr.  Tr. 1 Gr. 12

Students will develop a unique visual voice through the development of their own personal style.  Projects are designed to prepare students for further study of art in college.  Advanced drawing and design problems will be presented.  Students will have more choice in determining how to solve these “artistic” problems.  Major units of study will include figure drawing, expressive painting, challenging observational work, mixed media, and theme/concept-oriented image-making.  Grades will be based on both class and home assignments, as well as preparation and planning.  *Time management will be imperative

in 2nd semester as students begin to work more independently.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Art III (class performance, homework, consistent work ethic, general average in Art III),3 summer assignments, approval of the art department.

2 semesters

745 A.P. Studio Art (Drawing Portfolio) 6 ppc  1.00 cr.  Tr. 5 Gr. 12

Students wishing Advanced Placement credit will be asked to work at a college level in drawing and painting.  Similar to Art IV, students will be presented with more challenging drawing and painting problems, and will need to produce a concentration of work (much like a thesis) throughout much of the year.  The work load of this course is double that of Art IV as students will work at a faster pace and produce more work in a shorter amount of time.  Expect to work on several pieces of art at once, both in class and at home.  Time management is imperative throughout this course.  Twenty four pieces of high quality work will be required for submission to the College Board in early May.  Since these will be digital submissions, completed portfolios will be due in late April to be photographed.  *Note: An 8th period lab may be scheduled several days per cycle throughout the year.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Art III, and portfolio.  Only students who have demonstrated a strong work ethic, advanced skill, and have the highest grades in Art III will be considered for this course.  Several summer assignments will be necessary for portfolio completion.

2 semesters

751 Band             6 ppc  1.00 cr.  Tr. 1 Gr. 9-12

This course is for the advanced music student.  It will refine instrumental technique, music reading skills, and musical interpretation through continued weekly lessons, advanced concert literature, and daily concert/marching band rehearsals.  Participation in all rehearsals, concerts, and Band Camp is required.  Each student in this course is required to audition for All-Catholic Band.  A research paper on a specified composer or performer is also required.  Students are admitted to this course solely upon recommendation by the Director of Bands.

2 semesters

752 Band             6 ppc  1.00 cr.  Tr. 2 Gr. 9-12

This course is for beginner and intermediate music students.  The student will be introduced to the reading of music, the technique of playing their respective instrument, care of their instrument, and the application of those techniques in a rehearsal setting.  Participation in all rehearsals, concerts, and Band Camp is required.  Weekly in-house lessons with school instructors are a required part of the curriculum for each student.  No previous musical training is necessary for Course 752.

2 semesters

775 AP Music             6 ppc  1.00 cr.  Tr. 5 Gr. 12

AP Music is a course for students who wish to pursue advanced musicianship studies in their senior year of high school.  The course will develop a student's ability to recognize, understand, and describe the basic materials and processes of music that are heard or presented in a score. Emphasis will be placed on the development of aural, sight-singing, written, compositional, and analytical skills.  These skills will have been developed through the use of listening, performance, written, creative, and analytical exercises.  Students enrolled in AP Music are required to take the AP Music examination at the conclusion of the course.  Acceptance into AP Music will be determined through an application and interview process.

2 semesters

762 Vocal Music         6 ppc  1.00 cr.  Tr. 2 Gr. 11-12

This course is designed to develop the vocal abilities of the student. Topics will include proper singing technique, solo singing, ensemble singing, music theory and composition, four-part writing, and the study of different vocal styles. The student will be evaluated through written and performance assessments. The written assessments will be given on theory, writing, and knowledge of various performance styles. Performance evaluations will include solo voice performance and ensemble work. Students in this course will be required to be active members of the school choir, performing at all choir events.

2 semesters

782 Digital Photography       6 ppc  1.00 cr.  Tr. 2 Gr. 12

The goal of this course is to introduce students to photography, both traditional and digital concepts.  The class will primarily use Adobe Photoshop CS2; however, digital cameras, and scanners will also be used.  The course begins with composition/design and basic photographic elements, and then proceeds to put these skills to use in Photoshop.   

All students are required to own a digital camera that is 5 MP or better.

2 semesters