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Social Studies Department

The Social Studies Department offers a basic curriculum involving the study of World History for two years together with one year of American History. The curriculum fulfills the requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Education and those of the Office of Catholic Education of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia; it is also a requirement for graduation.  Additional elective courses are offered to augment these basic studies.   As a Catholic educational institution we have noted the words of the Second Vatican Council which teach that:

Different styles of life and multiple scales of values arise from the diverse manner of using things, of laboring, of expressing oneself, of practicing religion, of forming customs, of establishing laws and juridic institutions, of cultivating the sciences, the arts and beauty.  Thus the customs handed down to us form the patrimony proper to each human community.  It is also in this way that there is formed the definite historical milieu which enfolds the man of every nation and age and from which he draws the values which permit him to promote civilization.

Decree on the Church and the Modern World  

It is therefore the hope of this department to confront our students, through a two year study of Western civilization, with their cultural roots and, by the simultaneous examination of non-Western societies, to give them an appreciation of the richness existing in diversity.  Through their study of American History and government, it is hoped that our students are encouraged to become enlightened, responsible and articulate Christian citizens of this Republic.