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Pro Life

  • Moderator: Katie Toenniessen

  • Officers: 

  • Contact Information:

  • Meeting Day/Frequency: Once or twice per month in Room 205

Mission Statement

The Respect Life Club at Cardinal O’Hara High School is a group of young men and women whose goal is to educate others on the issues regarding respect for all human life. These students care for and want to make sure everyone’s right to life is protected from conception to natural death. The right to life is the most fundamental principle of human rights that leads Catholics to work towards a world where human life is respected and there is a greater commitment to justice and peace.

The Club

We meet once or twice a month after school in Room 205 under the guidance of Ms. Toenniessen. We discuss the issues pertaining to helping all life, but especially that of the unborn due to the fact that these infants do not yet have a voice to use in their own defense. Throughout the year we take part in various activities such as:

March for Life– This year the March for Life will be on January 25, 2013. Every year a group of students and teachers goes down to Washington DC to march onto the Capital building and peacefully protest the Supreme Court case Roe vs. Wade. We are sending out message to Capitol Hill that we believe abortion is wrong. This is a daylong event that starts with mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

Stand Up for Life Dinner– Every year Cardinal O’Hara attends this dinner which celebrates life. It is a gathering of hundreds of people who want to help celebrate the Culture of Life. Each year there is a keynote speaker who addresses everyone present about why we came together and how we can spread our mission. This year’s speaker was Dr. Eoghan de Faoite. He is the Chairman of Youth Defence in Ireland.

Pro-Life Leadership Day– On October 11thstudents went to St. Charles’s Seminary in Philadelphia to meet with other students from the area and talk about what it means to be Pro-Life.  Students could ask questions to a panel of professionals to get new insight into what respect for all life is about.

Day of Silence– Anyone in the school can participate in this daylong event that not only happens at Cardinal O’Hara, but also nationally. Students give up their voice for a day to symbolize the unborn children who are killed before they are able to speak themselves.

In addition to the March for Life, some upcoming events that the Respect-Life Club will be participating in are collections for supplies for the Mother’s Home in Darby, raising money for A Baby’s Breath, praying the Rosary outside Planned Parenthood, and showing the movie October Baby.


These are from the March for Life 2013:



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