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Kairos is a Greek word which means "God’s Time." It is also the name to our four day retreat experience which is available to our senior students. The retreat, given four times throughout the school year, is designed so that the person grows in awareness of self, others and God.

It is an opportunity for the young person to grow in the love for his/her neighbor and in the grow in his/her love for God. Thousands of students have participated in this experience in schools throughout the country.

Kairos helps students find their own personal relationship with God during a few days of discerning and discovery.Students from Cardinal O’Hara describe Kairos as one of the greatest experience of their lives.

Kairos is led by Father John Masson, faculty, volunteers, and senior leaders who have already made the retreat. During Kairos, the senior retreatants often become very close with their peers involved in the retreat.

If you would like to contact us for the Kairos retreats please send us an email at: