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Maureen Roach

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Cardinal O'Hara Catholic High School

Mrs. Maureen Roach

Course Descriptions

Theology II

This Semester the students will be exploring Church History.   This course is presented in an engaging, accessible manner for students.

The courset addresses the Doctrinal Elements of a High School Curriculum Framework as set out by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and provide additional content that expands on the framework.

I try my hardest to give the studetns real life experiencea and contemporary educational methodologies to create a course that moves students to a deeper understanding of the content and its life applications.

Living in Christ:

  • Makes the most of the wisdom and experience and empowers the students to participate in their own learning.
  • Engages students' intellect and responds to their natural desire to know God.
  • Encourages faith in action through carefully crafted chapter questions, lessons, activities, service learning, and summative projects that address multiple learning styles.

Theology III

Course Objectives       

This course will focus on the essential message of Christ's moral teaching, the importance of love of God and love of neighbor, and is presented in a way that is clear and applicable to the lives of today's teenagers. The course covers the major points of the "Life in Christ" section of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. This course will guide the students step by step on the road to becoming a moral Christian, living within the context of Catholic teaching. These steps include:

  1. Understanding the nature of being human
  2. Guiding moral decision-making with intellect
  3. Understanding the law's relationship to freedom and being responsible for transgressions
  4. Imitating Jesus and living the Beatitudes
  5. Forming the conscience and strengthening resistance to peer pressure
  6. Repenting and forgiving others
  7. Thanking God for life by loving God above all else
  8. Loving yourself
  9. Loving your neighbors


All courses are required to follow the following Classroom Guidelines.


Respect - each student is expected to give respect to his/her fellow classmates, the teacher and the classroom.

Students are responsible for complying with all policies and procedures as defined in the Student Handbook

Be in your seat and prepared for class when the bell rings. (Pen, notebook and textbook everyday)

Follow direction and complete all assignments on time.

Remain alert, awake, and on task during the class period.

Be dismissed in a timely manner by the teacher, not the bell.


Binder (5 tabs)

pen pencil

Text book 

Grade Connect

Each student is to know their grade connect sign on and is to check grade connect for grades, assignments and updates.


Test 40%

Quizzes 20%

Homework 15%

Group assessments 15%

Class Participation 10%


Homework assignments may include written, reading or study assignments.  All written assignments must be handed in on time for full credit.  Late assignments will be accepted the next day for partial credit.  Failure to submit the assignment within two days will result in a zero. All assignments will be posted on Grade Connect. 


Students will be held accountable for all the material, assignments, quizzes or tests covered during their absence.  It is the student’s responsibility to make up any missed assignments, quizzes or test 5 days after absence.  Failure to complete the missed work within 5 days will result in a zero.


There will be projects (individual and group)  given throughout the year.  The Project is to be presented to the class and a paper is to be typed, double spaced and handed into the teacher.  Further instruction on the projects will be explained in class and posted on Grade Connect.  If the student does not wish to present the project to the class arrangements must be made with Mrs. Roach.

Extra Credit

All extra credit projects and/ or assignments will be designated to enrich the student's learning experience and will be available to all class members.  Extra credit activities, and games will be described in class.  Extra credit will not be given to any student who does not show effort through out the semester.

Cell Phones

If the student must bring a cell phone to class it must be turned off.  If I hear the cell phone or see it, disciplinary action will be taken.

All rules and regulations listed in the student hand book will be enforced.



Class Notes and Handouts 

Theology III

 Unit I

Unit II

Unit III


Theology II

Unit I

Unit II - Incarnation Powerpoint.

RIte of Baptism NOTES