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Thomas McCracken


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Course Guidelines and Information                                                    Theology III Track 1-2- 3

Mr. McCracken                                                                              2013 – 2014

 Dear Parents and Students:

 Welcome to Theology III.  The purpose of this course is to provide each student with the opportunity to begin to understand the Church’s teaching on the Sacraments (Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments) and Morality (Your Life in Christ Foundations in Catholic Morality).

This is a participatory course. Students who participate fully by completing assignments and interacting in class should find the course more enjoyable. Listed below are expectations for the class. Please review them and complete the back and have your child return them to me. 

  1. Be in your seat, in the proper uniform and prepared for class when the bell rings.
  2. Only the first two students who ask before the bell rings for the start of class will be allow to use the restroom, unless it is an emergency.
  3. Obtain permission by raising your hand before speaking or leaving your seat.
  4. Follow directions and compete all assignments on time.
  5. Remain alert, awake, and on task during the class period.
  6. Be dismissed in a timely manner by the teacher, not by the bell.
  7. There will be no eating, drinking or chewing gum in class.
  8. Respect yourself, your teacher, and others, as well as their possessions.

 Materials for Class

  1. Textbooks: Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments (Ave Maria Press) and Your Life in Christ Foundations in Catholic Morality (Ave Maria Press).
  2. Pen or Pencil
  3. Notebook (Composition –Not Wire Bound)
  4. Loose-leaf Paper (Must be brought to class every day).
  5. Folder to maintain graded work for use as a study guide for assessments.


 All grades will be posted on GradeConnect , and will consist of test, quiz’s, homework and class participation. Class Participation will include being prepared for class (textbook, notebook, pen or pencil, etc.)

There will be one or two projects this year. More information to follow. 

Absence on Test or Quiz Days

 If the student is absent on the day that a test or quiz is scheduled it is the students responsibility to make arrangements with me to take the test or quiz. If a student has to make up a test or quiz, they will need to make it up before or after school.  No make ups will be given during class time.


 Teacher assigned detentions will be held either before school (7:00 AM) or after school. Student will be given 24 Hour notice.


1. Build on the essay at the beginning of the Chapter 1 about the little girl frightened by the storm. How important are people “with skin” who can act like Jesus? Give examples of several Christ-like people you know. How do they help to strengthen the Body of Christ?



2. The late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin of Chicagoonce explained that, “As Christ is the sacrament of God . . . so the Church is the sacrament of Christ in human history.” Tell how you think the Church really is a sacrament or sign of Christ in the world today.

Because Christ gave the guidance of the Church to his Apostles, the Church has an important trait or “mark” called 


The body is called the “universal sacrament of salvation” because it is the visible channel of grace for the whole human race. 


A Greek word, Christ____, means “anointed one” and applies to Jesus because he is the Messiah, the savior sent by God.

 Because he is the first and ultimate sign of God’s presence and love, Jesus is described as the  

Primordial  sacrament.  SacramentSSSSSSSSaaa