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Jamie Brown

Cardinal O'Hara

Course Description

Mr. Jamie Brown



 1stSemester – 45%

2ndSemester – 45%

Exams – 10%

 Homework Average = 1 test grade

Quiz Average = 1 test grade (lowest quiz grade is dropped)

Journal = 1 test grade

Each Major Test = 1 test grade

Papers: 1 test grade

 Late Work: only accepted due to absence

Failure: 69%                                                Incomplete/Missed Assignments: 0%

 Quizzes may not be made up due to absence; any missed quiz will not figure into student’s average.

 Grades, homework, and projects will be posted on, which can be accessed through Your child's password will be needed to create a parent account; detailed instructions are available on

 Class Outline:

Senior English is a survey of Contemporary American Literature. Students will study literature chronologically; the emphasis in each class will be writing critically. Philology,  a study of words through language derivation (primarily Latin, Greek, and Anglo-Saxon), is utilized in addition to the Vocabulary book to enhance written and spoken communication skills. Grammar is a weekly part of writing skills, and is conveyed through class notes, a workbook, and handouts. Classes will be focused on the essential question, and finding the answer will be a spectacular experience. Historic perspective will help students to understand the United States through its journey of becoming a nation.

 Materials Needed for class:

 Three subject notebook – Literature, Grammar, Vocabulary

Journal (Marble Copybook) – Informal writing designed to help students express their thoughts

Vocabulary book – to be purchased online and received by September 10, Level G (Juniors), Level H (Seniors)

Textbook – provided by school

Additional Novels and plays– The Great Gatsby (Seniors 1st Semester), Hamlet (Seniors 2nd Semester), Bluebeard (Seniors track 1 only).