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Louis Osinski - Chair

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Homework is necessary and must be taken seriously. Homework will be checked regularly. There will be approximate 17 - 20 homework assignments. We will go over each assignment. I will check 10 of them for completeness. Missing homework will receive a score of 0, late homework will receive a score of 1, and completed homework will receive a score of 2. Each checked homework will count as approximately 2% of the quarter grade resulting in 10 check homeworks counting as 20%
You are responsible for homework when absent.

Students are expected to come to class prepared. This includes bringing a notebook, pen, and textbook to class everyday.

Check Gradeconnect regularly!

Extra Credit:
Hand in a hard copy of a magazine or newspaper dated within the last 6 months with a 1/2 page double spaced, typed summary.  The summary needs to be in your own words. This is available each quarter and can be handed in any time during the quarter up to 1 week before that quarter ends.  For Physics classes, the article needs to be physics related.  For the Physical Science classes, the article can be Chemistry or Physics related. 

Online Textbook:
Instruction on accessing the Online Text book for my 6th and 7th Period

Lab Safety Contracts


Track 1 Physics (Power, Energy, Simple Machines)

Track 1 Physics (Inertia, Momentum, Impulse)