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Welcome to Cardinal O'Hara Boys Track and Field

Coach Sacchetti              Coach Sacchetti             Coach Sacchetti            Coach Sacchetti

             Home of the 2014 Distance Medley Relay                  United States CHAMPIONS!! 

HEAD COACH:  Tom Kennedy 215-720-8725 ;

ASST COACH:  Joe Sacchetti 610-613-3454 ;


  We're the USA Champs! 

                Watch the most historic race in O'Hara Track history!                      10:00:75 is the fastest High School time in the WORLD this year.. New Meet record & 2nd fastest all time! Kevin James 303.4; Isaiah Cooper 52.5. Nick Smart 153.8; & Jim Belfatto 411.5.. ALL-AMERICAN & Fantastic!



Congratulations to all our fine young men for a GREAT INDOOR TRACK season!!







...catch 4 years of great victories on YouTube

YouTube Channel: Coach Sacchetti 



O'HARA 2014 OUTDOOR TRACK Schedule      
Date Meet/ Location Start Time Bus Departs Significance
Sat 3/22 Upper Darby Relays TBA No bus Starting the season.
Sat 3/29 PA Track Classic @ Plymouth Whitemarsh 10:00 AM 8:00 AM Elite athletes.
Sun 3/30 Leprechaun 5K @ O'Hara 10:00 AM   Everybody competes.
Mon 3/31 PCL #1 @ Interboro 3:30 2:00 PM Everybody competes.
Mon 4/7 PCL #2 @ O’Hara 3:30 *snack stand Everybody competes.
Fri 4/11 - Sat 4/12 Taco Bell Classic @ Columbia, SC TBA TBA overnight trip Elite sprinters.
Sat 4/12 Coatesville HS Invitational 10:00 AM 8:00 AM Elite athletes.
Mon 4/14 PCL #3 @ O'Hara 3:30 *snack stand Everybody competes.
Sat 4/19 Kellerman Relays @ Great Valley TBA TBA Elite athletes.
Mon 4/19 PCL #4 @ Rush MS 3:30 1:30 Everybody competes.
Fri 4/25 - Sat 4/26 The Penn Relays @ Franklin Field TBA TBA Championships of America.
Sun 4/27 PCL Southern Division Champs @ O’Hara Noon *snack stand A meet we have struggled to win.
Thu 5/1 - Sat 5/3 Delco Champs at Interboro TBA TBA Kings of Delaware County?
Sat 5/3 PCL Frosh Champs @ LaSalle 10:00 AM No Bus Who has the best freshmen?
Tue 5/6 PCL Champs Trials @ O’Hara 3:45 PM *snack stand Advance to the Finals.
Sat 5/10 PCL Championships @          Upper Darby 10:00 AM No Bus Get back to winning outdoor PCL Champs?
Wed 5/14 -Thu 5/15 District 12 Champs @Northeast High School 1:00 PM 11:00 AM The only road to the state championship.
Fri 5/23 - Sat 5/24 PIAA States @ Shippensburg TBA TBA overnight trip Bring O’Hara her first PIAA team title?
Fri 6/13 - Sat 6/14 New Balance Outdoor Nationals @ NC A&T TBA TBA overnight trip All American or National Champion?



Coach K and all the Coaches are incredibly proud of the boys.

As always, records fell, winning relays prevailed, freshmen dominated other school's freshmen,

Seniors became men & leaders…and now leave us to forge their way

through college and the world!  


Well done - to the Frosh who won the Frosh Champs

Congrats  - to the Seniors who ran, hurdled, and pole vaulted their way into the record books…

We’re proud – to all our athletes who will be returning for more great Lion Track seasons!

& Did you hear? Coach K is back on the track!! Penn Relays 1200M in 3:41 and a Delco’s 800M in 2:13... You better believe it!


Thank you parents for raising such mature athletes - they conducted themselves like adults for all 3 seasons this year…

and also performed heroically in this weekend’s heat on the track at Shippensburg..

We’re very proud of their efforts.. and for the 5 State Medals they brought home!


Here’s the State Medal 4 x 800 on You Tube:

Best time in 4 years!


Danny Savage & Ernie Pitone finished 11th and 21st in the 3200:

They’ll both be back next year!


Chazz Wilks won his 3rd Discus medal in 4 years – a new O’Hara record!


Congratulations to Coach K




 2012 Cardinal O’Hara Boys Spring Outdoor Track and Field Schedule 




Meet Starts At

Bus Leaves O’H


Sat, 3/24


Upper Darby Relays

10 AM

8:00 AM

Start off the season right

Sat., 3/31

PA Track Classic at Plymouth Whitemarsh

10 AM

8:00 AM

Elite performers meet.

Mon, 4/2

PCL #1 at Interboro

3:30 PM

2:30 PM

Everybody competes.

Sat., 4/7

C Rock Invite at CR Nrth HS

10:40 AM

8:00 AM

Most of team will compete.

Mon., 4/9

PCL #2 at LaSalle HS

3:30 PM

2:00 PM

Everybody competes.

Sat., 4/14

GPTFCA Invite at Coatesville HS

10 AM

8 AM

Most of team will compete.

Mon., 4/16

PCL #3 at Rush MS

3:30 PM

2:00 PM

Everybody competes.

Fri., 4/20

Abington Invite at Abington HS

3:30 PM

1:30 PM

Most of team will compete.

Mon., 4/23

PCL #4 at LaSalle HS

3:30 PM

2:00 PM

Everybody competes.

Fri. 4/27- Sat. 4/28

Penn Relays



O’Hara versus Earth.

Sun., 4/29

PCL Southern Division Champs at LaSalle


10 AM

O’Hara has only won a few of these.

Fri., 5/4- Sat., 5/5

Delco Champs at Interboro

4:00 PM Fri,

5:30 PM Sat

Fri: 2:30

Sat: No Bus

Who is the best in Delaware County?

Sat., 5/5

PCL Frosh Champs at LaSalle

9:00 AM

7:00 AM

Who has the best frosh in the PCL?

Tue., 5/8

PCL Champs Trials at LaSalle HS

3:30 PM

1:30 PM

Advance to Finals.

Sat., 5/12

PCL Champs at Upper Darby

10 AM Field

1:00 PM Run


We got slapped last year.

Wed., 5/16

District 12 Champs at Germantown Supersite

1:00 PM

11:00 AM

Field finals. Running Trials.

Thu., 5/17

District 12 Champs at Northeast HS

1:00 PM

11:00 AM

The only road to States.

Fri., 5/25- Sat., 5/26

PIAA State Champs



Who is PA’s best?

Thu. 6/14- Sat., 6/16

Outdoor Nationals at Greensboro, NC



National Champion.




HEAD COACH:  Tom Kennedy 215-720-8725 ;

ASST COACH:   Joe Sacchetti 610-613-3454 ;


Below are some highlights from the 2011-2012 Cross Country season.




This Band of Brothers Goes by the Name Cardinal O'Hara.

HERSHEY -- Two days before the Cardinal O'Hara High boys were set to run at PIAA Foundation, they found themselves wearing black.

A teammate's mother had passed away, so the team huddled together the only way they knew they could. Bonded by brotherhood.

Let's get this straight, this Cardinal O'Hara team is more than just a band of runners. These guys are like family.

Description: was only more evident this past Saturday, when after capturing the Varsity Gold boys' race at Hershey Parkview -- a course that had been bruised up the day before -- the team came together and began to heal.

Emotionally drained. Physically exhausted. This team hadn't thought one second about quitting, about giving up.

And not only did District 12 power Cardinal O'Hara claim the team title, scoring 79 points between a scoring time spread of less than 30 seconds, but in the process they beat a long distance rival in WPIAL juggernaut and PA#1 Mount Lebanon by just six points.

"We just wanted to notch the win," said O'Hara's lead runner, junior Danny Savage, who was holding the flu, though raced through it and finished in 17:00. "Me, I wanted to be up there a little more and beat the guy from Mount Lebanon, but with me being sick and everything, I'll take it."

Two runners were sick, another was hurt and a freshman stepped in out of nowhere. The first five -- Savage, Chris Pastore, Kevin James, Mike Bilotta and Ernie Pitone -- all crossed the finish in under 17:30 minutes.  

"With a team like Mount Lebanon and guys like [Hatboro-Horshma's] Connor Quinn, Sam Hibbs and [Upper Moreland's Drew] Magaha and all those individuals, we were looking forward to that," said the junior Pastore. "We were getting it done during the week and it paid off.

The  larger goal was obvious. Cardinal O'Hara needed this race. This very well may have been a defining moment of the season.

Was all their hard work going to pay off? Were they as good as the rankings -- which had them at PA#3 -- said they were? Were they even going to show up?  

"It was always in our mind we would come," Cardinal O'Hara head coach Tom Kennedy  said. "I think cross country, like any sport, you have to take what comes and keep things in perspective and priority. It was never an issue if we would or wouldn't go."

But truth be told, Kennedy worked his team hard the week before Foundation. He took them to their limits, forcing them to grind out the miles, despite everything that was going on around them.

"You have to do it," Savage said of the workload, which added up to 70 miles the week before. "We have a lot of pressure on us, but even if you're sick or hurt, you have to be up there and doing what you can for the team."

Christian Ostrowski, the fading but not forgotten man who finished sixth on Saturday, held the deepest heart all week. It was his mother who passed. And he was the O'Hara runner who was dealing with the biggest injury -- startling back pains that affected his race in Hershey.

Description: had fought through the pain the week prior at Briarwood, an invitational the team had easily won. He ran a season-best 16:44 and finished fourth on the team.

But during the week, he re-injured his back, which he first sustained last winter in wrestling and then re-upped in January.

"His mother passed away this week, so everyone was at the funeral and that was tough for Christian," Kennedy said. "He's tight with a lot of guys on the team and it was very personal for a lot of guys on the team. We had a lot going on."

Description:'s where the freshman comes in.

Kevin James, a diminutive harrier with a buzzed haircut and deep-set eyes, carried Ostrowski's weight, finishing third on the team at 17:24.

The finish wasn't exactly a revelation for Kennedy, who tends not to promote freshmen to his varsity, but it was eye-opening.

"I think the way we look at it, you're going to be where you're going to be on the team," Kennedy said. "And he's running well. I have to be honest, I don't like having freshman on my varsity. But this kid leaves me no choice. He's too good."

James could be the missing piece. Or he could be the cushion O'Hara needs to look deeper in the postseason. This team has three juniors, three seniors and one freshman in its top seven. The experience is self-evident. A district 12 title isn't the question anymore. The state meet is the bigger picture.

All seven could get under 18 easy, and the best five are pushing for sub-17 by the end of the year. That's what has Kennedy thinking big.

"We've  never won a state championship," he said. "That’s stuck in us. We've been second a few times in track. Third a bunch of times in cross country and track. To tell you the truth, it's getting a little old."

There's little pause when Kennedy talks about his team's goal. The ostensible reality is that a state title isn't very far away. This team has all the pieces to get it done...outside of beating stalwarts North Allegheny and West Chester Henderson -- and of course, Mount Lebanon.

But most of these runners have been training for over two years together, some with three years experience.

"The kids wouldn't tolerate it if that wasn't their goal," Kennedy said. "The kids performances and commitment over the last three years has demanded we make this the goal. We were third at states last year and I'll be honest, I was happy. But the kids were unhappy.

"It was one of the worst rides home ever. All these unhappy guys after a third place at states. That tied our school best in AAA. But they didn't care. So for me, their performances and dedication have demanded that's the way it has to be."

And so how does it happen?

How does O'Hara make sure their state quest becomes a reality?

For this team, this band of brothers, it all comes down to commitment.

"You can always know that if you have a bad race one day, the guy right behind you is going to step up and take your place," senior Jake Sacchetti said, "and you won't lose points."

"It's a lot of pack running," he added. "We emphasize that in distance runs and practice runs. And so we try to stick together and draw from each other."

Training has helped this team heal. It has helped them come together, to bond, to relate in a way that many teams don't experience.

Racing has helped this team unite, to build and to look forward.

Now all that's left is achieving a goal that's right at the tip of their fingertips


It's Currently Cross Country Season

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