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Mr. Jim Arnold, DIA

Dear Fellow Graduates,

All across the nation Catholic schools are being celebrated. As members of the Cardinal O’Hara Family, we celebrate a very special school that has influenced the very fabric of our lives. Cardinal O’Hara is not just a school; O’Hara is a family with a loving parent in God the Father.

As we celebrate Cardinal O'Hara High School, there will be no parties or banquet gatherings, but rather quiet reflection on all that O’Hara has been in our collective lives. Thirty thousand students have graced the halls of O’Hara in the last fifty years. Yes, the O’Hara family is large, but yet it still needs to grow. The growth of O’Hara is reliant on the support of all who have passed through its doors in the last half century. If you have already made a gift to O’Hara, THANK YOU. We are so grateful for your support. If you have not yet made a gift, please consider supporting O'Hara. The future of Catholic Education lies in the hands of those in its past. The future of the faith lies in Catholc Education. The future 

Thank You,

Jim Arnold  '72

610-544-3800 ext.1830