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Community Service Corps

The Community Service Corps has been serving Delaware County since 1960. It is a response to the gospel call of Jesus to serve one another. This organization invites students to respond to the many needs of the church and community. O’Hara students take an active role in service projects throughout the year. The activities include:

Big Buddy Program


  • Description: O'Hara students serve as a mentor or a "buddy" to 2nd graders from St. Anastasia and St. Dorothy's schools as the students prepare to receive the sacraments of Penance and First Holy Communion.

  • Moderators:

    • Saint Anastasia: Monica Lapp, Christine Tickman

    • Saint Dorothy: Trish Commale, Donna Cratin, Maureen Melly

  • Contact Information:
  • Meeting Day/Frequency: To be determined



Chester Rescue Mission

  • Description: O’Hara students go to the Chester Rescue Mission and feed the hungry and have a prayer service the first Sunday of every month beginning in October. Parents, Mr. Arata and Mr. Logan alternate driving to the mission. Students meet in front of the school at 4:15 and return approximately 6:15.

  • Moderator: Sister Lucy Marie Schluth RSM

  • Contact Information:

  • Meeting Day/Frequency: First Sunday of every month


Divine Providence Village

  • Description: Each Wednesday, O'Hara girls have the opportunity to meet and bond with some special women from Divine Providence Village. Together, the girls laugh, walk, play games, color, paint nails, and indulge in some good old-fashioned "girl-talk." The ladies truly enjoy seeing the O’Hara girls, and they greet them every week with big smiles and open arms!

  • Moderator: Terri Borusiewicz

  • Contact Information:

  • Meeting Day/Frequency: Wednesday/Weekly




Genesis Club

  • Description: Genesis 1 is an ecological friendly organization that was founded by an O’Hara student about 5 years ago. The name comes from Genesis 1 regarding the creation of the Earth. The Genesis motto is "RECYCLE, REUSE, REDUCE, RETHINK". Genesis members meet generally on Tuesdays in Room 113 and do a variety of things such as campus clean ups, managing the plastics, view significant movies, discuss issues, etc. The biggest undertaking is the end of the year Locker Clean Out for each class. Genesis collects reuseable items, and they are donated to elementary schools and/or community centers who pack school bags for young students in September. The latest project is the taking over of the recycling ink toners and cartridges for cash that is donated to the Sandwich Club.

  • Moderator: Ann Mushrush

  • Contact Information:

  • Meeting Day/Frequency: Tuesday/Weekly Room 113


Golden Touch Club

  • Description: The boys and girls at Cardinal O'Hara reach out to men and women during their visit to Golden Touch nursing home. Students visit resident twice each month on Thursdays and do planned activities. Other students visit with patients.  The visits to Golden Touch are a gift to all!

  • Moderator: 

  • Contact Information: 

  • Meeting Day/Frequency: Twice monthly on Thursdays



Rosary Club

  • Description: Besides praying the rosary, we make rosaries and we send to missionary places outside of the US.

  • Moderators: Deborah Neill

  • Contact Information:

  • Meeting Day/Frequency: Twice monthly



Sandwich Club

  • Description: The Sandwich Club meets on the first and last Wednesdays of the month immediately after school in the Freshman section of the cafeteria. The students make ham and cheese sandwiches which are picked up from school and delivered to shelters and the homeless of West Philadelphia.

  • Moderators: Deborah Neill, Stephanie Smith

  • Contact Information:,

  • Meeting Day/Frequency: First and last Wednesday of every month